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3748 miles is the distance between Sydney, Australia and Manila, Philippines. 

3748 miles is the joint food blog between best friends Chloe Uy and Daryl Miko Chan. 

We used to think we were like Blair and Serena.
Daryl= Blair, Chloe= Serena.
But Daryl's decided she wants to be Serena now. 
So maybe we'll just be Chloe and Daryl.

7 questions with Daryl

1. What are the first 5 food/ food related things that you could think of?
Chocolates, teddy bear shaped graham crackers, filet mignon, OYSTERS, Cyma's roka salata

2. Why are you too scared to try new food? Such as lamb, duck, etc!
Because when it comes to what I define as "normal" meat (beef, pork, and chicken), I've managed to detach the meat from the animal. It's like I've managed to get myself to not think about where the meat came from. But when it comes to duck, lamb, pigeon, and so on, I always think of the duck, and the lamb, and the pigeon, and how weird it is that I'm eating their FLESH! I actually had a very short stint as a vegetarian (not kidding) when I was so into yoga. I read so many books and magazine articles on vegetarianism! But then of course, I just couldn't stay away from steak forever. :P

3. What's the dish that you'd like to learn to cook from your mom?
Paella. Because everyone goes nuts over my mom's paella. 

4. Would you ever migrate? Where would you go?
Probably not, because I am too in love with living in the Phils! If ever, the only other place I can imagine living in for the rest of my life would be Canada. But I like traveling and adventure, so maybe if I were married to an ambassador I'd be up for living just about anywhere. But as much as possible, I'd want the Philippines to always be my home!

3. What would you do on your last day on earth if you had all the money to spend? 
If I had only one last day, then shopping wouldn't really do me any good...I would go skydiving, dance in public, buy everyone lunch at Inagiku, swim with a whale shark, find my one true love! I'd have 24 hours to find my one true love. They should make a movie about that! Like a terminally ill girl who only had 1 day to find THE ONE and experience true love!

6. What's your favorite meal that instantly snaps you back into your childhood? Why?
Lasagna! My mom always made it for us on special occasions. We used to go absolutely bonkers over it! But now our house help knows how to make it so... :P

7. What do you intend to do after graduating from university? 
 Go on adventures, make money, give back, see the world! :)

7 questions with Chloe

1. What is the number one BEST thing you've ever done in your life?
This is too hard to pinpoint. GETTING A TATTOO! JOKE! There are a couple of things gunning for BEST, but right at the top of my head, I’d have to say- being involved in SWIMMING. But it’s not just swimming, okay? It’s the training, friendship, and experience. It has taught me a lot of things such as trust and discipline. It was definitely a rocky road, but I don't regret it the slightest bit! I just LOVE it.

2. If you were a sort of food, what food would you be? And why!!??
This is tricky, very tricky actually. I was thinking of pasta, but now, I’m shifting to dark chocolate-coated ginger. I reckon probably when you see it without the packaging; the morsel of chocolate is such a mystery cause there’s no way of knowing what’s underneath. You take a bite, and once you recognize it's filled with ginger, you’d be intimidated cause it’s feisty. But then in the end, you’ll realize that it’s actually quite mellow with some spice every now and then. Whew!

3. Describe your dream date (guy and food! haha)
This is the ultimate relationship question, I swear. With a guy, chemistry is a MUST cause awkward conversations are frustrating. He’d definitely be taller than me, and if he looked like Jake Gyllenhaal or Patrick Dempsey- that would be a HUGE PLUS! And it would be the best feeling if I knew he wouldn’t rather be anywhere else! Okay, that’s just really CHEESY.

As for food, if he’d take me to Tetsuya, Quay, or Rockpool that would definitely be awesome. But a picnic that he cooked for wouldn’t be bad either! Just something new and refreshing really!:)

4. Most memorable food experience?
It was in Malaysia, and my dad’s friend who happens to be a chef brought us out for dinner at the Hawker’s Market. It wasn’t high class or expensive at all but that was when I realized how meaningful and superb simple food could be!

5a. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Without getting fat or anything, it would have to be ROAST BEEF with caramelized onions and a ton of gravy!

5b. If i paid you 10 million dollars to give up that one food (5a) for the rest 
of your life, would you be game?
OH YES! I love money too much to let it slide! I could always substitute roast lamb! And there are heaps of different food out there that might even turn out to be better than roast beef! I'd spend my money for food!

6. Worst thing you ever ate?
I don’t have an answer to this question! Everything I eat comes with an experience, and that's what counts! If I didn’t like the food, I’ll well remember never to have it again! Fyi, I hate the microwavable junk.

7. 5 signs that he's The One?
·     -My parents won’t have any MAJOR complaints- they’ll be at peace.
·     -I won’t have ANY insecurities when I’m with him.
·     -I’d be in no doubt that he wouldn’t give up when we have problems and times are hard. We’ll breeze through them TOGETHER.
·     -Frankly, I’d just be SURE that I wouldn’t rather spend my life with anybody else.
·     -Lastly, after all of that- intuition, I think you’ll just know!

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