Monday, February 27, 2012

Lugang Love

Lugang has been around for quite some time now and if you still haven't tried it, I sincerely (and sweeeetlyyy) suggest that you do :)

I looove how their interiors are void of anything remotely in the color gradation scale of RED. How upscale, nouveau Chinese!

Like like like

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Central Baking Depot, Sydney CBD

It was a FRIDAY.
The BEST one I've had in a while.
The Pork and Fennel Seed Sausage Roll.

Lamb & Harissa Sausage Roll.
My forever favorite.

Well, this is the second time around that I've visited the Central Baking Depot.* My first visit wasn't too great, I tried a couple of meat pies, and they all didn't WOW my expectations. I only gave it another shot because it's Bourke Street Bakery's sister bakery. Turns out, pie wasn't the thing to order. They've got exactly the same Pork & Fennel Seed Roll as well as the Lamb & Harissa as Bourke. It's the place to go-so much more convenient to run down there than walking all the way to Surry Hills.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Jozu Kin, The Fort

When Chloe was still here, we hit up Jozu Kin in the Fort. It had a ton of good reviews so I was pretty excited to try it! :)

Nice interiors ey?

I ordered dressed salmon and tuna  :) It had wasabi, the prerequisite tempura flakes, and some spicy powder. Delish!

Momofuku's Milk + Compost Cookies.

I'm a sucker for the new Momofuku Milk cookbook. It's brilliant, well thought-out, and simple. By simple I mean the flavors, some of the ingredients are fairly challenging to source especially when you're needing corn powder and other stuff like that. But Christina Tosi* swears by and says you could probably source most of the ingredients from there. 

Recipes like corn cookies, kimchi and blue cheese croissants, red velvet ice cream, and crack pie are just some of the intriguing things that the cookbook has to offer.

The mess that was the kitchen that morning. Coffee grounds, Cheetos, and oats all went into the cookie. It was something. 

Into the cookie dough now. I know it seems like this whole heaping mess of God knows what but trust me, it was dang great and imaginative.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sala, Greenbelt


 I would love a drink like this right now! It's finals week and I am just itching to be free.  Anyway, I was looking through my backlog for an entry I could post... Shameful but this entry about SALA in Greenbelt has been waiting for almost a year. Oops.

Frozen margarita

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cooking at Home

Do you like cooking at home? It's my new thing. Almost every Saturday, my sister and I go to S&R to buy ingredients, come home, and cook up a storm! :) The whole shopping, preparing and cooking process takes around four hours so my first meal on Saturdays usually ends up being at 4 o' clock in the afternoon! Talk about fasting before FEASTING (with a capital everything).

Jamie Oliver is our favorite author and we collect his books! If you're a food snob, you'd probably turn your nose up at this so-called "kitchen boy" (as deemed by the very catty but nonetheless brilliant Anthony Bourdain) and his for-the-masses recipes, but that's really TOO BAD because the recipes he writes are so simple, clear, and easy!

Mashing potatoes with our life-changing hand blender

Preparing spices for Bombay chicken

Cream :)

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