Monday, November 28, 2011

My carrot cake + Baked by Anita

Here is a photo of my carrot cake. I make it with cream cheese, stevia, whole wheat organic flour, coco sugar, CARROTS, and other secret & delicious things..

Not to toot my own horn (too loudly), but it is DIVINE. I'd share the recipe with you but I intend to make a squillion bucks out of it in the future so...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baffi & Mo, Redfern

For a change, me and my friends decided to have brunch instead of the rather typical lunch/ dinner.

I love brekkie, and possible brunch even more!

As always, I was on the hunt for the BEST place to dine. Again. That's my job!

perfect for MOVEMBER.

It's got that chill retro vibe.
Really, really LIKE!
Apparently, Baffi & Mo is one of the top of the tops!

That only meant that we had to try it out!

Haberfield: Dining Like an Italian.

Italian food is indescribably good. Nothing gets me hyped up like an al dente pasta with an epic sauce and some top notch gelato for dessert.We decided to go on a food trippy to Haberfield- where all the Italians are at! It's a small town but dang, there sure were some good things in store. Let me explain, and you'll surely see.

First stop: Dolcissimo for a much needed lunch fix. It was raining, it was cold, it was windy, we were very hungry. Not to worry, we didn't compromise by settling for something that we just happened to pass by. We surely had some tasty tasty food!

Pellegrino, the only way to go!

Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli- $21.80

Friday, November 18, 2011

Midas Hotel, Manila

This is probably going to the most photo-heavy post ever.  I've just finished uploading the photos, and there are 21 of them!! :O :O I'm really sorry I haven't posted in ages! I've just been so caught up with things (by "things", I mean school, business, College Fashionista, exercise, yadayada). But Chloe and I are arranging an official posting schedule, so that the blog posts will be more regular.

There's a new boutique hotel in the Manila area called Midas Hotel. It's really cute and it serves BUFFET!!! :) The first time we ate their was at a birthday party, and the second time was after the Manila Book Fair. I was too shy to take pictures during the birthday party (you know how I am so shy! HAHA), so these are pictures from the 2nd time around. The cost comes out at around 2k per person, including tax and all that! But (big BUT here) at 2,000 I think I'd rather go to Inagiku :) Though that's just me :)

Here's the food!

Baked salmon with tomato sauce and cheese

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bread Lately & A Smart Sandwich

Lately, I've been absolutely loving my BREAD even more than usual.

Few days ago, my friends and I rocked up to Bourke Street Bakery right after our final FINAL exam. 
here & here for other Bourke Street posts

Hungry as I could possibly be (because I skipped lunch) I got the pork and fennel sausage roll.
Only because they ran out of the lamb and harissa one which was my absolute fave.

It was okay, we were in the Alexandria one which didn't prove to be as epic as the original in Surry Hills.

Also, they were closing for the day, and we got free loaves of bread. 

The boys all got baguettes which we picked at indefinitely when we were in the car.
It was that tasty.

Fennel, raisin, and cherry sourdough.
And I had a fennel, raisin, and cherry sourdough to bring home.

I wouldn't actually buy that loaf cause it's not my sort of thing.

But I've got to admit it was different and quite tasty.

And it went down really well.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Breakfast on Bondi

Thumbs up, thumbs up.
Reason to chill.
I've been pretty ridiculously busy. I don't know how it happened. Well, there's my degree which always proves to be a pain, grandparents visiting, 2 days work per week, and lots and lots and lots of night outs and hanging around sort of things. But I've got to admit, nothing gets me pumped like being busy. It's fun trying to juggle everything but only until a certain degree until you realize that you miss the things you love such as this blog, exercise, and sleep.

Don't you find the sky just gorgeous?
Anyway, when I was fresh off the stress/ busy with school train, my friends and I decided to spontaneously hit up the Breakfast on Bondi event. We decided the arvo before which wasn't insanely spontaneous anyway. 

Didgeridoo folk.
&& the lovely orchestra
We woke up around 4:30am-ish so that we'd arrive at Bondi right around 6am in time for the sunrise! Props to Ozzy for picking us all up! We got there right at the right time I reckon, there were quite a few people on the beach already, the didgeridoo just started playing. After a while, the orchestra started playing.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Night Noodle Markets 2011

October is undeniably my favourite month.

Spring is in full bloom, Oktoberfest is on, and who can forget all the happenings of the Crave Food Festival?

Heaps of people frolic to Hyde Park.

The Night Noodle Markets is one of the big bang events.

I wouldn't say so much it's about the food, the smashing environment really gives it away.

Lounging and unwinding on the grass on a cool summer spring evening enjoying scrumptious Asian fare and perhaps sipping on some booze. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Korean Restaurant in Pasig

Blogger has a new layout/setup and I find it so confusing! I like it when things are old and familiar and everything is part of a routine, so as you can expect, I'm not entirely thrilled about this new layout.

I've been looking through my computer and realized just how LONG my backlog is! Hence, I will begin posting regularly until it's zapped down to nil (this is probably never going to happen). Anyway, this particular post is about (as you have certainly gathered from the title) Korean food.

Plenty of Koreans have been migrating to the Philippines, and the presence of Korean restaurants has grown proportionally. I love Korean food because I don't feel fat after and I love spicy things! A lot of good Korean restaurants are in the Manila area and in the Pasig area. My family and I had lunch in one of them but I forgot the name (woops!). No matter, because they generally (in my opinion) all taste the same :-)

Starters are for free! Salad with Korean dressing, kim chi cucumber, kim chi cabbage, some sauteed green vegetables, tofu. Usually there's small dried fish too (known in the local jargon as dilis). If your eyes are sharp you can see that there's a dish of macaroni too, which is really un-Korean and unusual.

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