Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dear Bizu

Lately I've become obsessed with Bizu. Whenever friends want to go out to eat, I always suggest (or maybe some of my friends would find the use of the word "demand" more apt than "suggest") that we eat in Bizu. The food is affordable (compared to Mamou and Summer Palace), isn't drowned in MSG (I have an intense MSG allergy -- I get really bitchy because my head hurts like !@#$% after I eat anything with MSG), and tastes delish!

Here are some photos I took of the time I went there for brunch with my sister from another mister, Nicole:

I had the salmon with pommery sauce, pea risotto, and asparagus. I always drizzle the lemon on top and just DIE and go to heaven. It is worth mentioning that I almost always order this lovely dish. The risotto is just pure fatteningly delicious CREAMINESS and the salmon and asparagus help you fool yourself into thinking that this dish is actually healthy. 

Nicole had the eggs benedict. Ever since she ordered this, I have been meaning to order it for myself. Unfortunately, I always end up eating in Bizu anytime between 12 and 9pm, and they serve breakfast only until 11am! BOOO.

She also had macarons, which everybody loves. Except me. I mean, they're good, but after tasting Bar Dolci, they're simply not worth it (but of course I eat them anyway... I'm full of nonsense and BS!)

And I tried the strawberry shortcake, which the server said was equal to Baby Yulo's  famed strawberry confection. You can bet your butt that it definitely isn't, and that I never ever ever EVER ordered this again. 

I hope you have all been happily stuffing your faces!!!:)


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  1. This is Bizu in Manila right? I'm yet to try their awesome dishes & cakes on my next visit to Manila. Unfortunately, I didn't like their macarons much :(.


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