Monday, April 25, 2016

I'm (we're?) back!!!

It's been 1000000 years since we've posted-- and now I (Daryl) am trying to talk Chloe into reviving this blog again! I think the first step is to just start blogging, so here it is, and here I am! :)

One huge reason for wanting to blog again is that I'm now living in Milan, away from my family and friends for the VERY FIRST TIME in my life, and this is all so new! I've been here since September 2015 and I feel like there has been so much to share -- restaurant must-eats, travel itineraries and tips, product reviews, personal lessons, et cetera, that it would be such a shame to experience this wonderful, strange and scary experience and just keep it all to myself, or just to my immediate circle of friends. And I'm sure the same is happening to Chloe. I think that a blog is a great way to catalog experiences and upload them for future reference. When I'm fat and have had 10 children and stay in bed eating donuts all day (alternatively, when I become a cat lady and accidentally eat so much that my legs and the couch merge), I can read this blog and remember all the cool things I did. Hahahaha. Living alone (all by myselfffff....) where people speak a different language and have such a different culture- it can get quite lonely! It was here that i realized how important it is to record your memories-- I've been stalking myself and my friends/family on Facebook so often to look at photos. How much nicer would it be if I could stalk my blog posts here and relive/reread the times I spent with my mom over dinner, with my Aee Candice in Singapore, with my friends at 12 Monkeys? and so on, and so forth.

Another reason for wanting to revive 3748Miles is to stay very in touch with my dear Bruha Chloe-- I'm a terrible replier (everyone in my life knows this and I know this is a very bad, impolite and savage habit) -- I feel like having a joint project like this will really help us stay connected! An old friend is a precious thing.

So here is what I hope you will expect from this blog:
-Restaurant reviews
-Event reviews
-Travel itineraries
-Personal articles
-Product/book reviews
-The occasional recipe!

I hope you are as excited as I am! :)

this is me in a park in Milan- it was my first time to see magnolias!!! :D


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