Monday, February 28, 2011

How we do Valentine's

This Valentine's, Chloe and I just kept to ourselves. We decided to cook and PIG OUT! After much deliberation and hours at the grocery, here's what we ended up having...
Croutons that I made (YAY) for the Caesar salad

The Caesar salad. Haha! We bought a whole chunk of parmesan to cut into slivers and eat it with. We also made the dressing from scratch!
For the fish dish, we wanted lapu-lapu but there were no filets available. Thus, we used the ubiquitous dory! Flipped in flour and pepper and salt, pan-fried!
Fat scallops (YUM) which Chloe criss-crossed and seared in butter

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stars' Favorite, Xiamen

It's nasty of me to have strayed too far from the blogosphere for too long, but I've just been so caught up with life* (although that's not an excuse**) so I apologize profusely!

Over the coming days I intend to entertain you all with a saga of the food my family and I ate in both Xiamen and Hong Kong. Today it's going to be about Stars' Favorite***.

Believe it or not, we actually (over the course of four days) ate there THREE TIMES, because it's the restaurant du jour of my dearest grandparents.

The restaurant had really cute furnishings, especially considering that it was in CHINA! It had plenty of big, fat chandeliers, fluffy purple chairs, black lamps, black and white mosaic... Can you picture it?

Mr. Jones, Greenbelt 5

Wouldn't you agree that it's one of those classy generic names?

The concept of this 1960's (but a tad futuristic) diner blew us away. We thought it was inspired. The names of the dishes were really creative too.

A serving of Tater Tots- Split.
3 Kinds.
Broccoli& Cheddar
Jamon Serrano& Brie
Gorgonzola and Walnut
with Jalapeno Cheddar Dip and Chives and Sour Cream.

See what I mean by it's all potato?
I always tend to associate Tater Tots with Domino's cause that's what I loved ordering when I was a kid. Times have changed, and the folks at Mr. Jones reinvented it. They called it- Tater Tots 3000 to the Max! It's a very playful and childish. They were pillows of hash brown with a touch of cheese. Not quite what we were expecting after reading the palatable description on the menu. Each Tater Tot was different from each other but hardly distinguishable cause the majority of it was POTATO! Thumbs down.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear Mister Reese.

So glad I bumped into you when I was at the grocery!
It's been too long.
Dear Mister Reese (Who invented them??)

I get annoyed when people pronounce it REESE as a whole, I say Ree-see's! I love the peanut butter cups that you invented; it's such a revelation. I think it's bigger than Madonna, Britney Spears, President Obama, and P-Noy. I must say I can't keep my hands off them! The slightly salty peanut butter contrasted with the smooth sweet chocolate pushes ALL THE RIGHT BUTTONS. And I think the font you used is totally retro and classic.

Love Lots,

If you're wondering, if I did finish the whole lot- NO!
So I've been digesting crazy amounts of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups recently! I mean sometimes I'm too full, and a tend to skip a meal. Then I always end up eating Reese's and bananas. They're such a good couple. They're better than Brangelina- not kidding. But they don't look as hot though.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BBB: Big Better Burgers

Look for HOT STUFF at the very end.
That's my sister.
She whopped ARSE today.
I'm proud of her!

I watched my sister compete today for Nationals Swim Thing at Rizal Sports Complex.

She's so talented and focused. Props to that. She won!

While she was warming up, amidst all the hustle and bustle; I made time to have lunch with my friends, Pierse and Trizha. Pierse is a talented musician while Trizha is an epic artist. They're bundles of fun!

We we're going to have lunch at Solomon's or something but we ended up at the University Mall (where I often frolicked a couple of years ago!). They suggested BBB cause the burgers were good! I staged no argument and went with the flow.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pam and the La Creperie Affair

It's Valentine's Day, and I bet I should talk about a little love (affair).

A love (affair) between my friends, Pam and Mister La Creperie.

She seriously can't get over him.

And I know I should do something- WRITE ABOUT IT. (obviously!

This a post as per her request.

Pam:"Sobra ako nasasarapan sa crepe, it's PERFECT"

The very traditional yet chic interiors of La Creperie
There are a fair number of crepes on the menu. Many signature ones and old-time favorites. Because of all those choices and combinations that we COULD have, it made deciding such a challenge. So in the end, we chose to customize our own!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egg Tarts and Orange Juice

My dad grew up in North Point, so whenever we go to Hong Kong we ALWAYS go to North Point! To look at the shops, eat at Sweetheart, visit the doctor, have new eyeglasses made...

This trip, we went there for my favorite super epic and super duper secret shopping place (I'd tell you where exactly, but then I'd have to kill you*). Anyway, after that, we had egg tarts and orange juice!! :D

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tazza Cafe, Quezon City, Philippines

Daryl implemented a great use of * ASTERISKS in her past few posts, therefore I shall be a copycat. I think it makes things more detailed and interesting! Let's get started!

Taaza Cafe is hidden in one of backstreets of Quezon City where I could hardly navigate myself! It happens to be one of those tambay cafes where people wait for their cars to be washed, etc, etc. It's been there for a couple of years which would probably explain the dated interior. And apparently, it used to be a cafe that people would fall in line for and everything. These days, it still hosts a fair bit of customers but it doesn't seem to have that sparkle that it used to.

I couldn't figure out the deal with the type of cuisine that they had there. I think they were aiming for fusion but the whole idea was a little rattled cause it wasn't refined enough.

The wonton wrappers and the dip came in separate containers
but we decided to pour the dip on top!
Ever since the first time me and my sister dined at Cibo, she's been loving their spinach dip. So now, she saw this spinach dip thing on the menu. And the answer is YES, she did demand to order it. Instead of crostini, pita, or crackers, this spinach dip came with deep fried wonton wrappers as it's vessel. It's a very inspired idea, up until you dip it. Upon dipping, the wonton wrapper just sags and you'd hurry to put it into your mouth before it drips- EVERYWHERE. The dip screams for CHEESE too.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kao-Chi, Manila

My family usually goes to church on Sundays, then has lunch after. I don't know if this means that I'm becoming an OLD PERSON (A.K.A. an adult) but I have grown to really love Sundays. As a child, I'd dread them and found them horribly boring, because my mom would usually insist on going straight home after lunch to nap! But now I see the luxury in naps (what with my high-paced, high-earning life... HAHAHA. Riiiight) and look forward to Sundays immensely! My sister and I usually watch movies or just sit around aimlessly... Oh, the joys of boredom!

Anyway, on one particular Sunday we headed to Kao-Chi after Sunday service.* My dad was almost raving about the restaurant so I was quite excited.**

I liked the interiors (I call the motif super exaggerated Chinese luxe). We ate in one of the small private rooms, and one of the walls really struck my fancy. I just like how unabashedly Chinese it is. :D

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Airplane/Airport Eats, Part 1

So I said I wouldn't post any photos from my new camera until I'd posted all my other photos (from previous meals out) but I just can't bear the thought of making blog entries with less than divine pictures.* Thus, here I am, blogging with sharp, high-quality photos! You like? :D 

I swear, this was the best trip ever. It's been exactly a year since I've last been to HK (which is only my FAVORITE city in the world**) and 7 months since I've gone to Chinaland. So it was a lot of fun! I loved spending time with my grandparents. They are the absolute sweetest... And (most of) the food was FABULOUS!

 (I'm rediscovering my love for lists***)

1. In the Cathay Pacific Lounge in Manila: finger sandwiches. Ham and cheese, pimiento and cheese, chicken. The best was the pimiento and cheese. Everything else was ho-hum!

This is How You Make Fish & Chips- Chloe Stylie.

HOHOHO. I find myself using this "word" so often these days. Why so? Maybe I like the ring to it? I really don't know!

My mum defrosted some dory fillets and asked me to quickly whip up a batch of fish & chips! Being a good daughter (right, right, right Chloe), I obeyed. And of course, I had my 2 lovely assistants to help me! Oh how I love having Shaye and Star helping me in the kitchen.

As for the chips, we picked camote over potatoes cause they're supposed to have more nutritional value. I like them a lot too! I'd be munching them nonstop whenever I'm in Max's. NO JOKE.

Just so you know, the culinary classes in ISCAHM are proving to be very helpful! And that's where this recipe for fish and chips comes from as well!:) I find that this version is lighter compared to one I usually prepare!:) SUCCESS!

Fish & Chips
1.5kg Cream Dory Fillets
Oil (for frying)

Beer Batter
250g Flour
320ml Beer
30ml Vinegar/Apple Cider
3 Egg Yolks
3 Egg Whites
Pinch of Salt
Pinch of Paprika

Marinade the fish fillets in lemon juice, salt&pepper

Beat the egg whites until they form a soft peak.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Amici, Manila

I love Amici. My mom was on to it from the very start. We would go to Don Bosco after school (I was still a high schooler then) with my little sister, to pig out on pizza and pasta! They have REALLY good Italian food! (On the same level as Bellini's*!)

Amici's also where my friends and I go to eat after we badminton in the Manila area! (Yes, I just used badminton as a VERB). I love my friends, I love badminton, and I love my CARBS AT NIGHT.**

Here's what we had:

Cannelloni: Good, but I think the one I make is better. Hohoho!

My Dearest Mum's Birthday at Bagoong Club!

It looks like one of those super secret organizations!
I couldn't give my mum more props for picking an epic restaurant!:) Just so you know, I'm a bagoong freak. That's explains... everything! And for all the people who don't know about bagoong... y'all are missing out on a LOT

Bagoong defined by Wikipedia- Bagoong is a Philippine condiment made by mixing measured amounts of fish (or shrimp) and brine, which are traditionally then left to ferment from between 10 to 12 months until it produces bubbles and acquires its characteristic pungent odor. Err.. Yeah, it doesn't sound too appetizing, but trust me, IT'S REALLY REALLY REALLY DELISH!

If you don't have a thing for this combo...
You better get checked by the doctor!
So, I actually arrived late which is such a bummer cause my mum ordered everything even before I got there! But she has such good taste that went along with everything she ordered! Except, I got hilaw na mangga with bagoong! It's actually one of the things that I constantly crave for! If you were in La Salle a one or two years ago, you might catch me frolicking near the Andrew Building buying some green mangoes with bagoong!:)

There was singkamas- I can't remember what it's called in English, do you remember? Do enlighten me! Wait, is it Jicama? Anyhoo, it was so crunchy and juicy! It was the perfect vehicle for the bagoong. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Food Trip in Chinatown

I'm watching Eat, Pray, Love right now. At this point, I'm really convinced that I have to push things to their limits. I need to enjoy life, no pleasing other people cause that wouldn't bring me anywhere, it leave me miserable.

Okay, I might be too into this movie right now. Just MIGHT.

Yesterday, was a day like no other, I could swear that it's been the most I've ate in ages. I woke up to my usual sad bowl of oats, scooted off to ISCAHM. There was a lot of tasting when it came to cooking up some Asian dishes. And it was off to Binondo for me to meet up with my old team mates in LaSalle. They're such a blast, and they're always up for the adventure (especially when it comes to food). Love them.

Beef mami with their special SWEET sauce.

Big chunky siomai.
First stop, we went to the popularly known, Masuki- such a classic. What else would there be to order other than the famous beef mami? I headed straight for it even though I had a relatively full stomach from the tasting and eating from the cooking class. My friends had some siomai as well which I was terrified of cause of the big bulky chunks of fat. Yes, I'm not the biggest fan of fat, oil, and grease.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Buenisimo, Eastwood, Philippines

FIRST agenda today- GYM. Oh DEAREST BEACH BOD, come to me! Well, it doesn't completely make sense since it'll be autumn-ish when I arrive in Australia. But I think a spanking smoking HOT BODY still accounts for a lot. That in mind, I will NEVER get fatter again, I swear. Okay, too much sidetracking now.

SECOND- Day out with my import friend, Robin. 

Italian, Right?
Guess again.
Really homy-  fine dining interior!
We kicked the afternoon off with a pleasant lunch at Buenisimo. Okay, this place most certainly puzzles me. Initially, and up until the few moments before I entered the restaurant, I thought it was Italian. I bet you'd think the same thing especially given the look of the place. It's actually SPANISH.

I tried the sauce, it was LOVELY.

Robin, being such a regular knew what he wanted even almost before the waiter handed him the menu. He said the gambas and salpicao are must tries. Well, obviously we ordered that. I took forever to decide, I think I've never been this indecisive when it came to food! I was starving after hitting the gym, so I thought I'd get a pasta! And just to make sure we're stuffed, we shared a fish dish too!

There's Always A First Time.

My masterpiece.

So anyway, it's my hands shaking first time to make a... PAVLOVA. It's an all-time favorite Aussie dessert and yet in the many years that I've been there, on & off, I haven't been able to make one. As they say, there's always a first time for everything.

My mom claims she's a Pavlova genius cause she used to make them all the time. But when I asked her for the recipe, she couldn't remember her proportions, RIGHT MUM. Like any other person would do, I googled some recipes and compared them to one another to find the proportions, and so on.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dinner Last Night.

I think my mom is a crazy perfectionist. She has a list of things in her head that she has to accomplish from day to day. You'd be caught dead being with her if in any case that she didn't finish her tasks. Despite what transpires during the day, we could always count on her to deliver us a smashingly good dinner.

So.. You might be wondering what she cooks from day to day that makes me swoon. Nothing ultimately posh or extravagant, but dishes filled with love and passion. Chos!

Tonight, we have more or less, Filipino Fare!

Kare Kare packed with veg!
What would Kare Kare be without Bagoong?
First, Kare Kare which is my favorite Filipino Dish (which I still don't know how to cook despite going to ISCAHM every Saturday!) I love PEANUT BUTTER. I'm a PEANUT BUTTER FREAK actually. Yeah, my mom dollops a wad of peanut butter, straight from the jar. Gotta love it. More on peanut butter next time.

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