Monday, June 20, 2011

The Last of Israel (but I'll be back soon!)

I miss Israel!

Amazingly beautiful mosque! I LOVED the colors. It was so very luxurious

We went to the "official" (read: speculated) site of the last supper, otherwise known as..

...the Mt Zion Upper Room

At the site of the Garden Tomb, a European guide making chikka with my brother

Here we saw one of the possible tombs of Jesus.

Then we went to the Southern Temple Steps, which EXISTED during the time of Jesus Christ. JESUS actually WALKED on these steps!!!!!!!!!

And here is my brother being the ham that he is

And here is my pet monkey 

Then we had dinner at Ramada

Unleavened bread

Fish and beef. YES, I was super hungry

Salad greens, hummus, and cold eggplant salad

My brother had lamb and said it was the best lamb he'd ever eaten. Sadly, I daren't eat lamb

Aaaand I had some chocolate pieces from the cake.


PS We're off to Jordan in the next posts! :)

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