Monday, March 28, 2011

Cliff Diving in Santorini, Greece

We've obviously amped up the blog lately, and everything is playing out flawlessly. This is the FIRST post for the FUTURE ADVENTURES section! Pretty damn exciting! Cause of the happenings here and there these days, I've decided that I want to live life to the fullest.  Life's too short, and I just have to grab every opportunity and challenge! That doesn't mean doing stupid things though!

I want the sky to look all blue like this when I cliff dive.
One of the things on my list is cliff diving! It's an adrenaline junkie idea that's really out there! It's just one of the many crazy things I intend to do! So definitely watch out for the even crazier posts to come!


I want beef or lamb gyros like these!

And Greek octopus salads too!

Don't forget the range of BAKLAVA!
To say the least, I think Greece is gorgeous! I've watched a Greek movie one too many and the Jamie Does series just makes me wanna go- you know?* It's a country that's steeped deep in historical artefacts- it doesn't cease to amaze me. And of course, there's always FOOD! By the way, if you haven't tried Cyma (click here and here!), you're missing out! Greek cuisine is vibrant, fresh, and healthy. Or at least that's the way I see it.

It's so peaceful and calm looking.

It's one of those places where you'd wanna grow old in.

And I think the sunsets would be brilliant!
Enough about Greece and more about SANTORINI! When you watch movies/series yeah, more often than not, Santorini is the place where it's being shot. It's breathtaking and surreal, I reckon.** I've been reading a fair share of travel blogs lately, and some of them have interesting posts like 10 best places to cliff dive! And apparently, Kamara Beach in Santorini is the place to go!

That's the actual Mccoy- cliff diving in Santorini!

This one too!
If only I was an heiress, I'd be travelling the world right now. I'd just travel and eat for the rest of my life. And by travel, it doesn't mean travelling the world in 80 days- I think that's ridiculous cause you won't be able to properly experience each place and their culture.

I've still got no idea when I'll be able to make it to Greece, but one day, I will, MOST DEFINITELY WILL. And by that time, I'll be more than ready to cliff dive!

* I absolutely love Jamie Oliver and his messy style of cooking. I draw a whole lot of inspiration from him!

** Every time I see pictures of Santorini, I'm just like... I can't even explain it. I'm in such awe of it's beauty that I just run out of words.


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