Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mamou and Bar Dolci (HEAVEN!)

This is going to be my favoritest post ever (even more than the oyster one). Just looking at the photos and remembering the sheer and utter awesomeness of this meal makes me so happy! I am now planning 
(in the back of my brain) to do this again with my sister next week! Eating out with my sister is the fun-est thing ever and I really wouldn't trade my fluffy, crazy little sister for all the Birkins in the world! :) Anyway, are you ready to go insane?!

Welcome to Mamou!

Where awards and features abound!

There are always so many people at Mamou. PACKED, I tell you. You better make reservations! 

First up, the bread! Warm little balls of carbo-happiness.

We split a pumpkin soup. This is a half portion! So warm, delicious, comforting, and filling. I recommend!

And we also split a roast beef sandwich. SO GOOD. I swear. The beef was real roast beef, not the sad deli roast beef. It wasn't like the pathetic, reheated, chewy beef sort either. It was so tender and juicy! The onions were wonderful and caramelized and the bread was to thick and heavy and chewy. And the fries!!!! So crispy and tasty. These are the best fries. This is the best roast beef sandwich. Really. I am not exaggerating. If you are a roast beef sandwich maniac, you better run over to Mamou. Now.

And we also split the aged steak! This is a half-portion as well. Oh man. This was so good. I have never eaten such a juicy steak that isn't wagyu. (This was a squillion times better than Myron's President steak. A SQUILLION TIMES BETTER!) But wagyu is something else entirely, and has a distinct wagyu flavor. I love wagyu, but I love this too! So juicy and tender and luxurious!!!!!! AAAAAAHH just thinking about it drives me a little nutty. If I could drive, I would totally drag my sister back to Mamou right this very moment! Can you sense my urgency?!

The steak came with creamed spinach and steak rice. Two thumbs up. So good with the steak. Gosh, NOW I really CAN'T wait to hit Mamou again. Maybe I can convince my brother to bring us there for dinner tonight!

And then after that awesome, mind-blowing Mamou experience, we went to Bar Dolci. Kill me. It was like a gustatory cocaine experience (I've never tried cocaine, but I think this is what it would feel like. I will also probably never try cocaine, since the cocaine money could be so much better spent on meals like this!!!)

GELATO heaven! I have this new theory that gelato is the same as frozen yogurt! Hahaha! That it won't make you fat. Let me be. I want to believe this.

And also MACARON heaven! Bar Dolci really is THE place to go for dessert.

We shared a dark chocolate and strawberry gelato. I am so craving this right now. Bar Dolci has the best gelato. THE BEST.

And we also got a plateful of macarons. Don't judge! But really, it was worth every single pound I gained! So good. Here, we have salted caramel and chocolate chip, dark chocolate, blueberry cheesecake, matcha green tea, and Ferrero.

So, um, go to the Fort now. Like, now. And do this – eat everything we ate. And this is probably going to be the best experience you'll ever have. EVER. You will die.

Cheers and love and a squillion years of Mamou and Bar Dolci heaven,


  1. Daryl, your entries are so fun to read! Yes, I can sense the urgency and I did love the food in Mamou when I went this week! :) - Jill

  2. Hey! I just read what you said about gelato being healthier than frozen yoghurt. I thought this was interesting so after some research, I discovered that gelato has less sugar and less fat than frozen yoghurt, especially when done right! keep on eating! haha

  3. Jill! Thank you!!! You're so sweet! What did you have? :-)

  4. Anonymous, really?! AWESOME!!! :-) :-) Care to share the links?! Wow, I really love you for telling me that. Now I have license to eat Gelatissimo and Bar Dolci with (even more) abandon!! :-)


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