Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Danks St. Depot, Sydney Airport

My first Danks St. Depot experience wasn't thrilling at all. I was in a rush cause I had to board soon,so I had to shoot for those pre-made sandwiches. I can quite exactly remember what I got but I remember the chicken being totally bland and what's worse, dry. And seriously, from that time on, I really doubted that I would want to touch anything from there.

But you see, I've got this friend who works there, and he told me to drop by when I was going to leave for the Fils. And yes, I did. He suggested what to have and I was up to it! Oh, he shouted me the meal too! Cheers! As always, no true brekkie goes down without a mugga cap!

Good food mag+ great crusty bread with epic toppings+
mugga cap!
Close up on the goodness.

So the sourdough was impeccably crusty- thumbs up for that. If you'd take a close look at the dish, it looks rather simple but sometimes the simplest things could be the tastiest- straight to the point, no more thrills! Nice ripe cherry tomatoes, sweet avos, salty feta, and top notch olive oil. Quality, mate! I took my time devouring my meal and that coffee! Well, my friend makes good coffee! It was all gone before I knew it. Gulp, gulp, gulp, love my coffee!:)

To the more epic brekkies to come!

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