Monday, December 5, 2011

Omakase, Il Terrazo

I still remember the first time I tried Omakase. My friend was quite enthusiastic about it, he knew what to order (spider roll!) but it left me dizzy (I thought it had too much MSG) and unimpressed. It's been more than a year since I first tried it, and now I love it very much. My siblings and I go there really often and I've recently discovered the seafood salad, as recommended by my friend Mireille. And I love it! (but when these photos were taken, I had yet to try said salad, so there are no photos of it, hehe).

Here's what my sister & I ordered during one particular meal:

Salmon sashimi

Tuna sashimi

Their sashimi is OK, but I think that if you're craving sashimi, Omakase is not the place to go -- you ought to go to Domo, or Jozu Kin, or Inagiku. I've realized that Omakase is for sushi!

Crazy Maki-- salmon and tuna sashimi inside rice and seaweed blankets. And they're topped with crispy salmon skin

And this is the American Dream

Salmon, kani and cream cheese sushi that's deep-fried. My sister loves this!

And this is my favorite, the Spider roll

It's softshell crab sushi! :)

I also recommend (as I've mentioned earlier) the seafood salad. It has shrimp, squid, and tuna sashimi in it, along with wanton flakes and fried tempura bits! :) And if you're in the pig-out mood, go to Kozui after, for green tea ice cream with the chewy purple balls! :)


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