Sunday, December 18, 2011

Taking Greenhills by Storm

Nicole has been my friend since I was eleven. Ten years later, we're still as close as ever – CLOSER THAN EVER! And I love her to death. We're both terrible busy but we always find time to hang out and catch up on the 1,000,457,234 things that are happening in our lives. It's cool how we have completely different circles of friends – makes it way more interesting!

So one time we decided to food trip around Greenhills. First stop? Ristras.

Home of the best Mexican food in Manila! I generally stay FAR away from all Mexican chow (really not my thing) but when it comes to Ristras, it's a whole different story.


Ristras t-shirts for sale

Lovely ingredients

Making our burrito


We split it because we knew there would be many more things to come

Meet NICOLE!:)

Ristras garnered an award from the MBKR

Next stop, Serenitea! I'm not all that crazy about milk tea but Nicole loves it.

that's meee in the mirror! Photographing an announcement about the powdered milk scare.

Our drinks- lemon yakult for me and milk tea for her

Lastly, CHICKEN CHARLIE. I just looove my fried chicken.

Bustling, tiny place!

I just got a basket of dynamite cheesesticks (jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese and deep fried. Yum!)


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  1. Hey! Ristra's! Did you try the Godzilla Burrito?


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