Friday, March 2, 2012

The Pie Tin, Newtown

Rustic, I like.
From the reviews that I've been reading, Pie Tin seems to be the place to go for top-notch pies. Yes, Australia is famous for their meat pies, but this place has dessert pies too! That includes American favorites such as Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie. Actually, I was more excited to head there for the dessert pies! I even considered skipping lunch and jumping right on board the dessert train! But I didn't have brekkie and having dessert just wouldn't seal the deal with my rumbling tummy.

See? The place was PACKED.

My favourite number.
It was chilly and drizzling yesterday, and there was nowhere else better to go than Pie Tin for some freshly baked hot pies. Freshly baked stuff really get me.* I've also got a thing for beef pies! I never get any other savoury kind. It's the bomb diggity! They also had a couple of choices which got me excited.

Smoked beef brisket pie with field mushrooms- $5.80

This is what I had. Yes, the picture is not lying, the smoked meat was a tad dry which is frankly a bit of a letdown. There weren't as much mushroom chunks as I thought there would be. For one thing, the meat was smoked spot on though.

Any possible better beverage? NO.

Side by side.
My friend had the beef and tomato one if I was mistaken. There weren't any particularly harsh comments from her, unlike me.

Snickers Pie- $7.50
The piece de resistance is finally here, dessert, baby. I've been reading a lot of good reviews particularly from the Snickers pie. I have to say, I would pick a fruit pie any day cause fruit almost never fails to be beautiful especially when it's in season. But since a lot of people were suggesting it, I just couldn't say NO. The custard on top was very silky and sort of peanut-buttery which is a star for me.** Underneath that, there were chopped up Snickers bars, they were ooey-gooey. The only thing I wasn't a big fan of was the crust.

So.. I deduce, that I am totally willing to head back to Pie Tin, perhaps try something new on the savoury menu and for sure give their apple pie a shot!***

The Pie Tin

1a Brown Street,
Newtown, NSW

*Yes, its one of those things that I'm a sucker for! Nothing hits the spot quite like it!'

** Since I moved to Sydney, I realized that I actually love peanut butter a lot. Those au natural ones. The ones with way too many ingredients never make the cut with me. And I like the chunky kind.

*** The apple pie was a rather huge one. It's called the pie that ate NEWTOWN. The woman in the other table had it and it looked scrumptious!

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