Monday, November 14, 2011

Bread Lately & A Smart Sandwich

Lately, I've been absolutely loving my BREAD even more than usual.

Few days ago, my friends and I rocked up to Bourke Street Bakery right after our final FINAL exam. 
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Hungry as I could possibly be (because I skipped lunch) I got the pork and fennel sausage roll.
Only because they ran out of the lamb and harissa one which was my absolute fave.

It was okay, we were in the Alexandria one which didn't prove to be as epic as the original in Surry Hills.

Also, they were closing for the day, and we got free loaves of bread. 

The boys all got baguettes which we picked at indefinitely when we were in the car.
It was that tasty.

Fennel, raisin, and cherry sourdough.
And I had a fennel, raisin, and cherry sourdough to bring home.

I wouldn't actually buy that loaf cause it's not my sort of thing.

But I've got to admit it was different and quite tasty.

And it went down really well.

Today, Rory and I halved a dark rye loaf from Becasse Bakery.

I made a fried egg and parmesan sandwich with it.

Do use the freshest eggs you could get.

Do buy a whole chunk of parmesan then grate it yourself. 
Makes the biggest tastiest difference.
Cheaper too!

3 ingredients: Bread, egg, cheese.

Pardon my phone for really bad photography.
Chocolate jaffa tart, passionfruit cheeseake,
strawberry mousse, & lemon curd tarts.
Ps. The Becasse Bakery does an impeccable chocolate jaffa tart.
It is quite steep at $7.20 though.
And it's only for the dark chocolate lover- trust me.


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