Tuesday, May 7, 2013


My family and I tried Nomama back when they were very new.

I remember I had just recovered from laryngitis at the time and had lost 5 pounds, along with the use of my voice!

Of course, because of my commitment to this blog (:P), I just forced myself to taste everything, even if my throat hurt like crazy. Hahaha :)

We ordered the tasting menu.

First up, beef tartare with sweet potato chips. Good, but I am afraid of raw beef (too similar to flesh... yes, I know that even when it's been cooked it's still flesh, but still) so I only had the teensiest bite.

Of course we had to sample their beer

And my sister just can't say no to ginger ale

The second course was a softshell crab salad. SO DELISH! The one from Angel's Kitchen is good, but this was just really fresh and clean-tasting.

For the third course, we were served gyoza. My siblings obsess over gyoza while I can't see what the big fuss is about. But I liked this! Like the salad, it was very clean-tasting.

Next, we had zucchini flowers with fish! This I loved. The vinaigrette was tangy and tasty and the fish was perfectly cooked.

Pork was the fifth course. I know it looks boring and like something your yaya could make at home, but it was delicious and tender. I appreciated that it had fat on it, hehe.

Tonkotsu ramen was course # 6. I know everyone's going cray for ramen now, but I'm just not into noodles. But THIS was pretty good! I loved the soup (I really love ramen soup, haha!) and the noodles were chewy and not as boring as noodles usually are.

Last, the homemade Kitkat bar! This totally appealed to me because I love chocolate like a maniac. It was creamy and rich and crispy. Yums!

Pay them a visit at Ground Floor, FSS Building 2, Scout Tuason corner Scout Castor Streets, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Contact # 0917 522 8272 :)  <- this information was taken from the Internet.


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