Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Free Lunch for Me Today

Today was definitely a rocky start. I was woken up by my auntie cause the plumber came to fix the sink in my bathroom. I obviously opted to scoot out of my room and hang around another one. The room was sooo dusty. It's been making me sniff all day long now. SIGH. I think I'm gonna be sick tomorrow.

For brekkie, there was the run-to Nutri-grain cereal. I was running late and I had to do some errands in the city. I had to get materials for my project. There was definitely heaps of walking.

When I got to school, the lecturer bagged my concept for my project. How worse could your day possibly get, right? Finally, there was the much awaited break. I intended to grab myself a pork roll from the roundhouse cause its the cheapest yet possibly healthiest option that I had. On the way there, there was this girl who was offering free lunch. Apparently she was from the college of fine arts and some certain org. Me and my friends didn't know what was for lunch but we said YES right away. HAHAHA, talk about being stingy.

Hearty Lunch after a hell of a downer day
Big and loaded servings of vegetarian tomato-based curry, fragrant basmati rice, semolina, and papadums. This would definitely be the highlight of my day. Some good comfort food!

The veggies were soft and packed with flavor. The rice smelled so so so nice but I'm avoiding carbs so I didn't have that much. The semolina was sweet, tasted heaps like glutinous rice with honey. At first I thought it was polenta! And the papadums were crunchy, I'd wish that it's seasoned with paprika or something, but it's all good!:)  Now, I'd like to say thanks to COFA students! Prolly one of the best hearty lunches that I've had in quite some time cause I usually have a light lunch.

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