Monday, November 28, 2011

My carrot cake + Baked by Anita

Here is a photo of my carrot cake. I make it with cream cheese, stevia, whole wheat organic flour, coco sugar, CARROTS, and other secret & delicious things..

Not to toot my own horn (too loudly), but it is DIVINE. I'd share the recipe with you but I intend to make a squillion bucks out of it in the future so...

Let's talk about Baked by Anita!

I first discovered them in the Rockwell baker's fair

The gorgeous ICAn women behind Baked by Anita! Can you guess which one is Anita? :)


That's meeee looking docile in the yellow skirt. Hahaha I just noticed it now!

The one in the middle is Matcha!!!

See the red velvet on the right?

So anyway, I tried out ONE cupcake (it was the peanut butter truffle) at the Baker's Fair and it was bliss. But I couldn't eat more than one, because I had just stuffed myself silly.

So when I went to Mercato with some friends after a fun run, I just had to have MORE. To be precise, FOUR! 

L-R, top to down: chocolate chip, caramel something, bacon herby something, strawberry.

These are the BEST CUPCAKES in Manila (sorry, Sonja) and I LOVE them to death. Like, they are The Dessert I Always Crave now (and no longer Bar Dolci macarons). I swear, each small midget-y cupcake is just pure bliss. Especially the chocolate chip one, as it has actual cocoa nibs inside and is just soooo good. I also recommend the strawberry one, because it's made of REAL strawberries (no fake yucky stuff) and you can REALLY tell. I love it. :) 

You can find Baked by Anita on facebook! Go buy from them NOW! I'm definitely ordering a few to give away to friends (or eat all by myself while watching Modern Family) come Christmas :)


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