Saturday, April 7, 2012

Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food, Sydney

I completely forgot to take a picture of the frontage so I had to grab one off Google! Credits to Obese Baby. Petaling Street is near the Chinatown end of George Street, near Crocodile Senior Thai. 

I've been to Malaysia once in 2008 if I'm not mistaken, and it was such a good trip. Every night we'd head out to the night markets and have some tasty greasy street food. Noodles were the highlight. There ain't nothing like it! It's a staple over there! There's no way that you'd have a meal without them! 

Petaling Street Style Short Rice Noodle in Claypot- $11.50
Minced pork, Chinese mushroom & rice drop noodle in clay pot.

These noodles had a good soy flavour to them, the right texture too. They were heaps greasy. I was a pig about it- you can ask Euods about that. They did somehow remind me of Malaysian street food but just ever so slightly. Would I have this dish again? Hmm.. Yes if I was craving for Malaysian GREASY noodles! In other cases, I'll be heading to Sambal for their Char Kway Teow. 

Assam Laksa- $10.80
Thick vermicelli, cucumber, red onion, pineapple wit hot and sour fish soup!
This laksa is contrary to what I usually have. The ones at Happy Chef are just spot on and what I've gotten used to. This was something new. I didn't appreciate the fish bones that went in my mouth when I took a sip of the soup. If they would've strained it, it would be heaps better. Sadly though, this sweet-sour laksa just doesn't do it for me. Quite a disappointment.

Well.. altogether I'd say the food could be improved but I do appreciate the memories of Malaysia that flooded back though. And the picture says it all, I was just happy to be able to take a break from all the uni work that I've been doing and just chilling and chatting. 

To more GREASY plates of NOODLES to come,

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