Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brekkie Brunch

I've always been the type of person to take breakfast for granted. The maid always cooks oats, pancakes, sausages, eggs- YOU GET THE PICTURE. And all I'd have to do was scarf the food down. Basically, I was eating just for the sake of it, just to have my tummy full for school.

Thing is, since I've moved to Aussie, I have to make my own breakfast. At first, I ate a whole lot of cereal  until I finally got tired of it- it's just not worth it! So, I always take time to make the perfect scrumptious brekkie. But wait, I'd actually consider it brunch, since I find myself waking up at 10 am on a day to day basis, and yes, I do go to school.

My 6 Favorite Brekkie-Brunches

1. The Single Lady Oatmeal Pancake with Maple Syrup- I absolutely adore pancakes and I'd have them at least once a week!;) I'll share the recipe for this one soon! 

My Eggs and Cheesy Soldiers!
2. My Eggs & Cheesy Soldiers- My variation on the old time favorite!

3. Oh My Omelette- Eggs are amazing, and this is my favorite way of having it! I often put sun-dried tomato cheese, mushrooms, tomato, rosemary, and chives! What a stunner!

4. Low-fat Greek Yogurt with Honey & Seasonal Fruits- I used to have the yogurt with all the fruits processed and blended into it, but it's really CRAPPY once you try Greek Yogurt. It has this full creamy body that is just  scrumdiddlyumptious and a gazillion times healthier too! (The one I have has no preservatives whatsoever) And fruits are just such a joy! My favorite right now would be the combo with Kiwi and Banana. DROOL.

Hank's EPIC Jam
5. Jam on Toast- It's a very traditional thing. I started loving jam since I made a Rhubarb-Honey Compote, but then I started spreading it on my toast. (I put it on my Greek Yogurt too!) It's utter heaven. Since then, I've been a huge fan of jams! I'm loving Hank's Jams at the moment! They source the absolute BEST ingredients- so pricy! So, I reckon I should really start making my own ones, SOON!

6. Muesli in a Hurry- For those days that I simply have to eat and go! I just pour milk over some muesli and chop in some fruits! VOILA, simple gratification! I know that I should know better and make my own muesli, trust me, I will, SOON!

My love, Mister OJ.
As for my preferred beverages, OJ is definitely the way to go! I buy the 2L cartons from the grocery, they're FRESH PURE ORANGE JUICE! My favourites are Berri and Original. Must you know, I prefer the pulpy goodness.

And for those chilly days, there's English Breakfast with Skim Milk and Honey. It gives that nice warm fuzzy feeling. I always go for Twinings!

I'm so freaking careless, I ALMOST posted this on my school design blog! WHOOPSIES.

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