Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reuben Hills, Surry Hills


Bondi that sunny morning!
During a much needed break, my friend Adara and I first headed to Bondi for a swim at Iceberg's. It's such a lovely place and the weather was absolutely terrific. The thing was.. the pool was so chilly even though it was sunny, it was so cold it made my whole body numb. And it hardly went away even after swimming a fair number of laps.

I love how industrial the feel of place is.
After that gruelling swim, we went to Reuben Hills. It's the place to be these days! A lot of people will term the place hipster- it's hip and happening.

My skim cap.
There's not that much on the menu but I'd say it's Latin inspired. Which meant a lot of interesting things. For starters, coffee is always good. This place had some ass- whopping ones.

Baleada $13.2
Free range eggs, queso fresco, black beans.

Say hello to the Baleada. Apparently this originated from El Progreso Honduras and it's one of the popular things there. I know in the picture it seems really plain and there's really not much of a WOW factor to it. But dang it packs such a great flavour. The beans have been cooked really well and they've got such a strong flavour.  This dish is like nothing I've ever had before. 

The NOT reuben- $19.2
Wagyu Salt Brisket, Pickled slaw, melted manchego,
and horseradish cream.


This sandwich redefines steak sandwiches. It's inventive and it's just POW better than any other steak sandwiches you've ever had. The crunchy slaw in the sandwich cuts through the heaviness of the fatty wagyu steak. The bread is fantastic and it obviously holds well against the filling. I'd love to have this again.

Doggs Breakfast- $10.80
Ice Cream Sandwich with Salted Caramel
Having that beyond superior meal, Adara and I were excited to try out the dessert that people have been raving about. Sadly, it didn't stand up to our expectations. There wasn't anything particularly striking about it. If I wasn't at a restaurant, I could possibly think that it was something just out of a packet.

Reuben Hills
61 Albion Street,
Surry Hills

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