Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I like my breakfast with dessert

I am the biggest egg eater ever. I can eat around 5 a day (not joking).

I love having my eggs omelet-ized with shrimp, onions, and mushrooms. I'm really blessed that our maid is really good at cooking -- I can order practically anything from her.

My sister loves her eggs with a side of deadly preservatives (AKA Spam). Hahaha

And for me, breakfast is NEVER complete without some chocolate. I tried this organic chili chocolate from Santis Delicatessen and it's REALLY good. The whole bar cost less than 200 Php and it was totally worth it.

The chocolate was super smooth and the chili gave it a nice kick!

And of course I also had to try this dark orange bar by Australian chocolate company Whittaker's! Pretty good too (waaaay cheaper) but not really something I'd look for again. Go for the chili chocolate! :)


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