Friday, August 24, 2012

My Go-To Food.

Well, I must admit, I do love dining out*, however, I can't always do that cause: 
2. Normally, it's not healthy
3. It's time consuming

So.. Here are some of my absolute favorite things to chow down when I'm at home or at uni.

Poached Eggs on Wholemeal Toast

I was never a lover of poached eggs up until I had a fantastic salad with poached eggs on top at Cafe Sopra with Daryl. There's something about it, soft, silky whites with a oozy center. It's delish! Definitely a must to have bread or some greens with it to soak up all that goodness. I do variations of this with some smoked salmon, spinach, or harissa tofu on side. Sometimes, I also dribble sriracha on the top.


That picture above shows what a typical meal for me would be at my uni. Basically, this place called Stock Market mixes up some salads according to your specifications. You start with some salad leaves, pick 7 toppings and a dressing then the salad mixologists toss everything together for you. I frequently have a salad with eggplant, double serving of pumpkin, feta, olives, sundried tomatoes, and pumpkin seeds! Salad+eating on the lawn makes my breaks more satisfying, and uni more bearable.


I usually don't have soup for dinner, it's usually some brown rice, stir-fry veg, and a bit of meat. But then, I've really come to love soups recently especially during the midst of the winter. That bowl of soup was just basically made with some passata, stock, barley, and some random veg that I found in the fridge. Soup, with some good sourdough bread would make any evening.**

Fresh fruit with honey

Fruits sliced up with a bit of honey is extremely satisfying. My favorite combo shown above- strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. And of course, it's even better if you're having whatever fruit that's in season.*** A quick alternate for this would be a smoothie. Soy for me, please.


Rory tried this the other day and he REALLY didn't like it- I don't what that's about. They're perfect to bring anywhere, just store them in zip locks! I just discovered how cheap they were at the Asian grocers. I just chucked a couple in boiling water until then strained them when they were cooked. Oh, sprinkle some salt too. 

Hot Chips, Tomato Sauce, and Beer

I only ever do this when it's the end of a stressful week and I need to loosen up with my mates. If you can see, there's someone grabbing a huge burger in the background, that's NOT me. Hot chips and beer is the PERFECT combo.**** Many a time, DAT combo results it in a ham-y flavor- a reason I will never understand. It's awesome sauce though.

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* Evident from my many posts about restaurants
** But then I had mine with some grilled cheese. Talk about sinful.
*** Or you could buy some frozen fruit such as blueberries or raspberries. They're good!
**** ALWAYS have hot chips with tomato sauce aka Ketchup for all you Americans. 

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