Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish

Monday afternoon, when studio class is over, it only means that it's time to have lunch. Rory is always my lunch buddy, he's only the one that is just as keen as I am for lunch. Last week I was an indecisive mess that we ended up eating some sausages at the Snag Stand in Westfield. But.. they were pretty good. Anyway, this week Sarita joined us and we head to The Milk Bar in Redfern. I came with expectations cause people were raving about how good the cheeseburgers were.

I'd say the whole milk bar idea is probably inspired my Momofuku in New York which is absolute genius. The place was very casual and American if I might say in terms of the menu.

Miso Caramel Milkshake- $7.00
Sarita and I split a milkshake which was pretty smart! As you can see, the portions were huge! We had an oddball milkshake combining Miso and Caramel. Well, you ain't getting that anywhere else in Sydney! It was surprisingly tasty. When I took my first sip, I thought it was sweet. Then by my third sip, I realized that there was something really nice and savoury about it. YUM, all those calories.

Orient Express- $7.00
Green Tea ice cream, sake infused green tea,
white chocolate syrup, stewed adzuki beans
Rory initially wanted the vanilla milkshake then the staff said it was a common and boring choice. Which brought him to pick something else- the Green Tea Milkshake. The milkshake tasted nothing more than match and it was a thick and even more fatty version of the Starbucks green tea frappe, I reckon. 

Cheeseburger- $5, with chips +$4
Beef pattie, cheese, pickles, ketchup, grilled onion.

Burger up close.
In my opinion, this is as American as things could get. It reminded me slightly of the In n' Out Burgers but those are on a league of their own, I shouldn't probably compare. It was a $5 burger, and I reckon that's probably as good as a $5 burger would get. It was good value for money. Also, their meat is free range, cheese as well, and buns are house made. But then, I'm still partial to the Grill'd Aussie burger, that thing is gold, even though it's almost triple the price.

Uhmm.. Yeah, after a while it all disappeared! 
Ps. I did not finish all those chips by myself.
P.ps. Thanks to Rory for lending me his iPhone to take pictures.

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