Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Five Fall Musts

Ever since I started doing my shoe business I have become really conscious of seasonal trends. Which is sad and cool at the same time -- sad because I feel like it hampers my personal style, and cool because it makes everything make more sense (did that make sense?!).

Here are the things that I feel are going to be my style staples for this season:

Studded/glittery/bejeweled sandals
After Ines de la Fressange wrote about how it's so much more chic and French (and I do try my hardest to be French! If only I wasn't so darn Asian) to wear flat sandals when partying instead of heels, I've been keeping an eye out for party-worthy sandals. I haven't managed to find much that I think are good buys (Zara has released some really, really, really nice sandals that are perfect for nights out, but at 6,000 Php per pair, I totally passed on them. 6,000 for high street shoes is just too much!!!) so I'm still on the prowl!

Dark eye makeup + dark nails
A note on dark nails: I find them terrifying when long! I think dark nails should be kept short and chunky.

White polo shirts
I think these are a must for every season. Forever.

Leather shorts...

...or leather blouses
Leather anything, but of course NOT worn together. Once I get my hands on black leather shorts, I'm going to be wearing them ALL THE TIME.
Darby loafers
Ballet flats will always be a closet staple, but gosh! Darby loafers are so much fun, and new-looking, and fresh! I have been wearing mine to DEATH.


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