Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jamie's Italian, Sydney

It's been a while since I've wanted to try this restaurant. I love Jamie O. Initially the lines were absolutely long but since it's been open for a while it's eased up. My friend and I went for a really late lunch and we were starving.

I absolutely like the feel of the place. It's a bit narrow but it feels like you're in the streets of Italy. Posh streets. I haven't actually been but that's definitely what I envision it to be.

Meat Plank- $13.50/person
Famous planks that Jamie is popular for. I've got a thing for cured meats. Too good. I'd always have it in my sandwich if I only could. Peppers and olives are some of my other favorite things too! And that crunchy shred salad was awesome sauce, so fresh and minty!

My very "SHY" dining companion.
Truffle Tagliatelle- $14.50
Finely shaved wild black truffles tossed with butter, parmesan, and nutmeg.
Truffle tagliatelle, Oh yes. Silky al dente pasta and a rich truffle sauce. It was soooo buttery and just as equally tasty. Yes, I did wish that I had bread to mop up all that goodness. 

Jamie's Italian Burger- $19.50
Wagga Wagga beef with Fontina, pancetta, lettuce,
salsa, dill pickels, and fried onions
Apparently this burger is supposed to be great- that's from one of the food blogs that I read. Sad to say though, it didn't hit the spot. The patty wasn't all hot and juicy when it got to the table. Flavour-wise though, it had some toppings that I like namely pickles and fried onions.

Italian Ice-Cream Bombe- $8.50
Panettone, vin santo, ricotta, and ice cream with chocolate sauce.
This was what we had for dessert. It's surely not as amazing as I actually expected it. The panettone was pretty plain when I imagined it to have all these candied fruit. The ice cream they spiked up with some nuts which was awesome. 

Jamie's Italian, Sydney
107 Pitt Street, Sydney

8240 9000

Monday- Saturday
11:30- late

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  1. Oh my goodness, I completely love Jamie's Italian - it's so delicious. Lovely photos x


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