Thursday, November 1, 2012

Queenie's, Surry Hills

Well, you know there's nothing better than a little bit of celebration after an exam. Admittedly, my exam yesterday wasn't my last but I'm still pretty dang relieved. So we trekked the city, shopping and what not on a massively hot day and walked all the wall uphill to Surry Hills just to go to Queenie's.*

The atmosphere was very 80's, I guess. The whole place was heaps chill and reggae music was pumping like there's no tomorrow. 

Jerk cucumber
They gave us some complimentary jerk cucumber to try. Nothing too special- just a some cucumber with a hit of spice.

UHH.. I forgot what it's called &Jamaican Sangria- $10/each 
Well-mixed cocktails make me sooooooo happy- there's nothing quite like it. These ones were phenomenal. They hit the spot. They were so refreshing. Quite the bomb! I could seriously spend a day on the beach, reading a book, working my tan and sipping on these. It would make my day. 

Prawn, Mango, Ginger Bammie- $10
Pulled pork & Pineapple Bammie- $10
Basically, I'd say this is tropical translation of a taco. They're small handfuls that are definitely worth having before having the mains. So fresh and gutsy at the same time.

Let the feast begin.
Why not take a dip?
BBQ Jerk Chicken with Jungle Slaw- $18
Apparently Jamaican food is meant for sharing. These pieces of chicken were quite succulent and like everything else, packed with flavour. The jungle slaw was crunchy, nothing like the typical mayonnaise-drowned coleslaw. 

Dirty Rice with coriander, spring onions, mint, and allspice- $5
Octopus and Jamaican Tabbouleh Salad- $16
Tabbouleh makes me so happy. A kebab with tabbouleh? Best thing ever. Jamaican tabbouleh? Pretty swell combo with the jerk chicken- something crunchy, fresh, and healthy. It would be 10000000 times better if the pineapple was fresh rather than canned.

Kingston Kreme Donuts with jerk cream and chocolate-coffee sauce- $10
And here's something to wrap up our wonderful meal. Hot, sugary, slightly spicy donuts. A bit crunchy, soft, goeey. Oh that hit the spot. I would rather the cream be whipped though. But it was delicious nonetheless.  

I'll definitely be going back to Queenie's! It might be a bit pricy, but it's really quite worth it. The cocktails were awesome and the food was rather simple yet gutsy. Awesome sauce. Can't wait till my next visit. 

Queenie's Pan Tropical Specialties
Level 1, The Forresters
Cnr Foveaux and Riley Streets,
Surry Hills

9212 3035

*Been hearing good stuff about the place. Did not disappoint. Did not disappoint. Did not disappoint. Surpassed expectations. 

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