Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mt Pinatubo

Some photos from an impromptu Mt Pinatubo trek my friends and I went on a few months ago!
This is so random (and soooo dramatic) but I am so tired of always worrying and being afraid! The day before we went on this trip, I was so afraid of all the things that could go wrong, and kept pestering my friends for assurance! I was worried about:
1. Flash floods and getting trapped on the mountain and having to face starvation/wild beasts
2. Unsafe buses that might kidnap us
3. Surprise volcanic eruption (honestly, "you can never can tell")
4. Getting lost/separated from the group and perishing somewhere along the way

We had to wake up BEFORE DAWN and met up at the bus station where I grew even more apprehensive because it was so dark (WHAAAT?) and I have never taken an unsupervised and not-super-well-planned bus trip in my life. But when we got to the mountain, I was so happy! It was so beautiful.


Once we got out of the 4x4, we had to start our 3 hour trek which involved a lot of passing through streams! I am so paranoid about getting"pasma" (I think it's Tagalog  for like arthritis, HAHA i know I'm a ditz) and thought about all the veins in my feet and how I was harming my body but it's been a few months after and I can still walk/run HAHAHA

And when we got to the top, it was even MORE BEAUTIFUL!

The crater was the bluest teal there ever was

And we were allowed to swim in it!!!!!

And on the bus ride home there were really suspicious looking guys especially this ONE GUY who looked so CREEEEPY and kept looking at Stef and I! And we became so afraid that he was planning evil kidnappery stuff! But in the end we all got home safe and so tired and we had a flight to Cambodia the next day (together! That's another adventure I will tell you about soon) but I was REALLY happy I went along with this trip!

So now I am looking at these photos and writing this to remind myself to not be so afraid and be brave!!!!! And not stress myself out so much!

I am currently reading this self-help book called Creating Your Best Life (it is co-authored by someone with a PhD. I really don't see the point in reading self-help books that are not written by people with credentials) and it says there that you need to know your end goal. Which has been stressing me out like crazy because I don't know what my end goal is and because I realized that due to my un-knowing of my end goal all my life, I have been floating around aimlessly. I've been thinking about what my end goal should be for 2+ months now and I still don't know but I've come to the (temporary) conclusion* that right now I just need to:
1. Be patient with myself
2. Be brave
3. Enjoy the moment
4. Trust Him 

*That's a good oxymoron! A temporary conclusion.


PS this is a repost from my other blog, MissDarylChan :) I'm actually thinking of shutting that one down and just concentrating on this.

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