Friday, February 24, 2012

Jozu Kin, The Fort

When Chloe was still here, we hit up Jozu Kin in the Fort. It had a ton of good reviews so I was pretty excited to try it! :)

Nice interiors ey?

I ordered dressed salmon and tuna  :) It had wasabi, the prerequisite tempura flakes, and some spicy powder. Delish!

And a seafood salad. I love squid! :)

And Chloe got tofu (why? Ask her. I really don't get why anyone would order tofu when they could order sashimi)

And a greens + seared tuna salad. She didn't finish it, so I helped her! :)

And of course I can never eat Japanese with my precious and most beloved UNI (sea urchin!). My brother commented the other day (we were eating at Omakase) how it's so strange that I'm scared of eel but totally okay with uni, and I realized he made a lot of sense... but I still daren't try eel.

Visit Jozu Kin in Burgos Circle (Fort) or Ronac Center (Ortigas).


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