Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kogi Bulgogi, Eastwood

After an outrageously tiring workout at the gym, I reckon that I deserved a bountiful lunch. At first, we were thinking of heading to Outback, but along with Outback comes a lot of fat and calories. So we settled on heading to Eastwood and finding a restaurant there.

Kogi Bulgogi
We had a few puzzling conversations before we decided to head over to Kogi Bulgogi which is obviously a Korean restaurant. I've heard about it in Appetite magazine before and it's apparently a good place to go for Korean fare.

The place isn't as full as it usually is, but there's a reasonable crowd inside. I chose not to order since I was with some frequent diners. We ordered a fair bit of food but all went down without a hitch.

Top: Kimchi, Beansprouts, Veggie Cake
Bottom: Potato, Sweet Potato and Banana, Small Fried Fish

Gleaming Slivers of Salmon
As for starters, there were the 6 typical Korean appetizers. I especially liked the small fish often called dilis, there was a nice crunch and slightly spicy tinge to it. The salmon sashimi that they served tasted very clean and fresh. It was a tad bit frozen though.

Sae-u Bibimbap (Prawn Bibimbap)
My portion of bibimbap, I told the prawns were tiny.
Tuk Bulgogi (Bulgogi Pot)

There was bibimbap with prawns, the bibimbap had such an intense kimchi flavor. I, for one, loved it, the only problem I had with it were those tiny tiny prawns. Next came the Bulgogi Pot. The broth that came with it had that sweet-savoury vibe, I wasn't the biggest fan. The beef wasn't the best thing either, it looked really shriveled and sad.

Jang O-Gui (Grilled Eel)
Ko Chi Gui (Salt Grilled Mackerel)
The other dishes we had were the grilled eel and grilled mackerel. The grilled eel I especially loved because it proved to be really tender and packed with loads of flavor. It was cooked perfectly and didn't have that cheap fishy vibe to it. The mackerel on the other hand was a little bit overdone but it was compensated by those gorgeous grill marks and the calamansi juice that was sprinkled over it.

bye bye fishie.
I'd say this would definitely be one of those places that has a good value for money, and they have great service as well! Another plus would be the no service charge! Definitely a check plus, plus!

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