Monday, February 13, 2012

Cooking at Home

Do you like cooking at home? It's my new thing. Almost every Saturday, my sister and I go to S&R to buy ingredients, come home, and cook up a storm! :) The whole shopping, preparing and cooking process takes around four hours so my first meal on Saturdays usually ends up being at 4 o' clock in the afternoon! Talk about fasting before FEASTING (with a capital everything).

Jamie Oliver is our favorite author and we collect his books! If you're a food snob, you'd probably turn your nose up at this so-called "kitchen boy" (as deemed by the very catty but nonetheless brilliant Anthony Bourdain) and his for-the-masses recipes, but that's really TOO BAD because the recipes he writes are so simple, clear, and easy!

Mashing potatoes with our life-changing hand blender

Preparing spices for Bombay chicken

Cream :)

Our fish bake, halfway through being assembled

Tomato soup before we pureed it

The finished product. So good and so good for you! Excellent with crusty bread and lots of melty mozzarella!

Fish bake, with shrimps, sole, and salmon! Tasty. I am definitely going to make this with giant scallops next time!

Cauliflower cheese

Bombay chicken - so easy to make and surprisingly good! I knew it would be good but I didn't hope that it would be this delicious. You all should try cooking at home more (as I am, hehe) because it really is cheaper and more delicious. :)


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