Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sala, Greenbelt


 I would love a drink like this right now! It's finals week and I am just itching to be free.  Anyway, I was looking through my backlog for an entry I could post... Shameful but this entry about SALA in Greenbelt has been waiting for almost a year. Oops.

Frozen margarita

My sister and I! She is the cutest thing.

Potato and leek soup

Tomato and cheese soup (good, but I can definitely make better HEHEHE)

Cream of mushroom

Pear, brie, walnut salad for me

Pot roast on mashed potatoes, also for me...

Beef stew for my little sister (who is not so little anymore-- she recently turned 15! Gah!)

My cousin's burger and fries

My mom's pasta (she loooves her pasta). I tried this and it was pretty okay!

Beef wellington pour ma tante (I really want to start learning French again!)

And the highlight of the meal, bread pudding a la mode with TONS of caramel sauce. Just bliss!!!!!!! THIS I can't make by myself.

Chocolate pie a la mode (not baaad)

And homemade malt-flavored ice cream. It was good, but with all the gelato places cropping up in the Metro, it kinda has nothing to say!

Overall, the service was good (our waiter was very eager to please and had a good grasp of the menu), the ambiance was really nice (great date place!) but the food was nicht so gut (yuck, feeling multi-lingual nanaman haha! Forgive me I just had German orals yesterday... urkkk).


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