Sunday, February 26, 2012

Central Baking Depot, Sydney CBD

It was a FRIDAY.
The BEST one I've had in a while.
The Pork and Fennel Seed Sausage Roll.

Lamb & Harissa Sausage Roll.
My forever favorite.

Well, this is the second time around that I've visited the Central Baking Depot.* My first visit wasn't too great, I tried a couple of meat pies, and they all didn't WOW my expectations. I only gave it another shot because it's Bourke Street Bakery's sister bakery. Turns out, pie wasn't the thing to order. They've got exactly the same Pork & Fennel Seed Roll as well as the Lamb & Harissa as Bourke. It's the place to go-so much more convenient to run down there than walking all the way to Surry Hills.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Brownie.
It's pretty big!
Just so you CLEARLY get to see how moist it is.
Also, I went there because I've been hearing that they've got one of the BEST brownies in Sydney. That day, I had the Raspberry- White Chocolate brownie. It was a total foodgasm. It was so rich, dark, and moist. And in the middle, they had a swirl of raspberry jam and some white chocolate. It made me feel so naughty and guilty afterwards. It's one of those things you would be fine having just right an hour after you hit the gym so it burn up quickly!

I'll definitely go there for the brownies again, but not in the near future. I might gain a gagillion pounds if in any case it does become one of those insanely fatty eating habits of mine!

This is where we went after.  And YES, that's the actual WEASLEY FLYING CAR! Where else could be better but the Harry Potter exhibition? Sadly we couldn't take any picture inside though. It was quite the experience. Magical stuff!

To MORE brownies and MAGICAL adventures,

Central Baking Depot

37 - 39 Erskine St, Sydney 2000
Catering inquiries & shop
Tel: 02 9290 2229

Monday - Friday: 7am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - 3pm

Harry Potter Exhibition

The Powerhouse Museum
Runs until the 18 of March 2012

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