Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cafe Sopra, Waterloo

Obviously there hasn't been any posting action on the blog recently, and trust me, it's been a busy few weeks. For starters, there were stressful final projects that needed to be handed in, and let's just say we got reunited in Australia. Those twelve crazy days were some of the most memorable I've had. Eating out meal after meal, and consuming mounds of Greek Yogurt, that's paradise, dear! And from here on now, it will be like exploring our epic food journey.

One of the best restaurants we went to was Cafe Sopra in Waterloo. It's located a floor up from Fratelli Fresh on Danks Street. Once you walk into the market per se, interesting things are all around. I just couldn't stop looking at all the goodies on the shelves, they really piqued my interest. After all, Italian is my cuisine of choice cause it has a lot of robust flavors that I adore.

When we got to Cafe Sopra, it took them quite some time to sit us down. It was around 2pm, but there was still a fair crowd of people dining there- definitely a good sign. The look of the place I'd say is very rustic, it wasn't at all pretentious which is one of the things that I really liked about the venue. We took a good look at the menu cause there were just far too many amusing things that we just couldn't seem to decide. We settled splitting a salad and pasta. Oh, and we had a glass of champagne each just for the sake of being indulgent.

Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Cavalo Nero, Parmesan, Poached Eggs, and Crisp Pancetta
The salad was nothing short of fantastic. It hit all the right spots, and yes, it's definitely worth trying. Wait, I shall correct, it's TO DIE FOR. You'd never think that a salad could actually be this tasty. For one, I'll admit, I'm not the biggest fan of brussels sprouts just cause I couldn't cook them right. They turn out really bitter and off. But the brussels sprouts and cavalo nero in this dish provided sweetness and freshness. It was then contrasted by the saltiness of the parmesan and the crunchiness of the pancetta. Finally, it was topped with two perfectly poached eggs. This salad made my best friend a poached egg believer- what a life changer.

Ze Pasta
The pasta on the other hand was good but not as exceptional as the salad. It had al dente fusili, compared to the fusili that they serve in restaurants, the so-called rings on this one were tightly coiled together. They caught the sauce flawlessly. The sauce was pretty much a standard red, with a tinge of spiciness toward the end. Tasty, but it didn't jump off the plate. 

It was really pretty <3
I'd definitely go back to Cafe Sopra, they had a stunning selection of food that's mostly organic. And what they served really suited my taste- job well done! I couldn't resist posting a lovely picture of this overwhelmingly huge bougainvillea shrub that was spewing flowers left and right. 

Cafe Sopra
7 Dank Street

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