Thursday, November 18, 2010

Melo's, Quezon City

Did you miss my blogging voice? Here I am again, after a ginormous loss (the passing of my gorgeous grandmother, may she rest in a very luxurious and happy heaven) and a crazy trip (Chloe made me walk 8 km/h for really really REALLY long distances. Insane! Hehehe! Love her to bits).

So anyway, one meal that I've yet to blog about-- Melo's with my mother, sister, and brother! Melo's is this old-school steak place that's near Piandre in Timog. They serve really good steak!

First up, they gave us some pate with crostini. I don't eat pate (I am deathly afraid of liver) so I cannot give a fair verdict of it, but my siblings and mom loved it! They loved the crostini too! I didn't bother to try it anymore as I am not really a dried bread fan. :-P

Of course, there was also the standard bread and butter. The bread at Melo's is really margarine-y and a tad rich and sweet for my taste. I like my bread heavy, nutty, and full of seeds! YUM!
Soup comes with orders of steak. The soup of the day was vegetable chowder. It was really rich and creamy and very good!!! There were tiny bits of veg and I'm guessing they used fish stock to make it.

For my main, I split two orders- a halibut in green sauce and a wagyu ribeye- with my sister. The green sauce is actually sauteed spinach in cream. The fish was a bit below my expectations, texture-wise, but the sauce was lovely. The ribeye was wonderful. I could have eaten tons of it. I was so glad I split it with my sister (as opposed to just ordering the fish for myself). It was everything I imagined it to be! Maybe/I hope that's what true love is like-- everything you imagined it to be. :-)

My brother and mother both ordered wagyu ribeye. I didn't bother taking pictures of their plates anymore as their beef looked just like mine!

Can I just share, that I am in a very happy place in my life right now. I feel like life is about to unfold in front of my eyes and I am very much looking forward to the entire adventure! I know my grandmother is always with me and guiding me every step of the way.

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