Thursday, November 25, 2010

My mom's favorite haunt: Je Suis Gourmand, The Fort

My mom and baby sister are "experience" people-- they don't mind shelling out money (or, in my sister's case, my parents' money) for experiences. Say, better seats, nicer hotels. I, on the other hand, am stubbornly a "thing" person. I wouldn't mind sitting in cattle class for 1,000,000 hours so long as I have more money to shop with. Anyway, the EATING EXPERIENCE is where we're all happy and pleased. They get the experience, and I get the thing (in this case, the food). Am I making any sense here? :)

One of my mom's favorite restaurants (for that wonderful EATING EXPERIENCE) is Je Suis Gourmand. It's really epic, and you'll see why in a bit!!! :D

To begin... Like all good restaurants, they served us complimentary bread and butter. I LOVE their bread. It's always a bread selection, so there's lots of variety-- a sure crowd pleaser. There's white bread for my mom, and brown bread for me! As for my sister, she wolfs down anything. Which is one of the many reasons I love her. :)

For starters, we ordered two appetizers, the first of which was a smoked bacon, walnut and roquefort salad with boiled egg and a Dijon mustard vinaigrette. (I have clearly made it a habit to photograph the menu, so as to give better descriptions! Ibang level na no?) I LOVED it! 

I've become a real salad maniac! I earnestly love salads, and I loved this immensely! The bacon was thick and chunky, very much like the ones in Australia! And everything was so happily harmonious! I think I could have eaten three orders of this.

So very very very very very GOOD
We also had sauteed portobello mushroom with cream and egg en Cocotte. This was insanely delicious! The mushrooms were so tasty and the eggs were perfectly cooked-- not too wet, not too dry! I could have eaten 3 of these, too! We sopped up all the sauce with the bread. :D

Mutti had duck for her mains. The official title of aforementioned poultry is: Gratinated Cassoulet Gourmand; simmered white beans with duck confit, fresh pork sausage, and smoked bacon. I don't eat duck, so I can't vouch for the tastiness of this dish, but my mom enjoyed it! I did try a bit of the beans and sausage! Good! :)

My sister and I split a steak. Upon reviewing my really sad phone pictures of the menu, I realize that I took no descriptions of this dish. I think it's pretty self-explanatory though! It was really good, tender, and juicy! And the fries were as wonderful as fries can be!;) If I were a french-fry person, I would eat their fries all the time.
My sister is an absolute FREAK for souffles (she eats them whenever she can) and she does love her J.S.G. souffles, so of course she ordered one. That night it was a blueberry souffle with blueberry sauce, filo pastry, and vanilla ice cream! I had a fairly large forkful of it and it was wonderful! If I were the thin sort of person, I'd marry a chef who could (and WOULD) make me souffles every day!

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