Friday, November 19, 2010

Chelsea, The Fort

Sembreak's over now, but when it was only just beginning, my friend Acosta and I went to the Fort for a whole day of celebration! We went to The Spa, and it was epic. But of course we had to EAT first!

We were tired from the whole week (month?) of academic hell and didn't really feel like taking any risks, so we headed to ye old Chelsea for tried and tested comfort food!

As always, they gave us complimentary bread. Pesto focaccia, served with a whole roasted bulb of garlic, and an olive oil + balsamic vinegar + parmesan cheese dip. Tasty! Are you a garlic fan? I definitely am! I LOOOOOVE roasted garlic (Myron's makes good ones too!) and I don't give a poo-poo about garlic breath so I thoroughly cleaned out the bulb!

The bread was chewy and flavorful! Yum. And of course the combination of olive oil, balsamic V, and parmesan never fails, so we had quite a fun and happy time out of this, especially since we were STARVING.

Acosta ordered her beloved beer, to go with LUNCH.

Isn't she pretty when she covers her face? Joke
She also had butternut squash soup. I tried it and it was really tasty and heavy!

We split mains. The dishes in the pictures you are about to see are already split. Chelsea has really huge serving sizes! Main # 1 was citrus-rosemary roasted pork belly. It was served with a chili cranberry apricot chutney, mashed potatoes, and roasted garlic baby asparagus served with rosemary olive jus! (I am quoting the menu here, thus the DETAILED description).

If you're a pork lover (which I am!) this is for you! I loved how crisp and non-oily it was! I also loved the chutney. 

Main #2 was seabass. Verbatim from menu: Herb-walnut crusted Chilean seabass with rosemary-orange beurre blanc, mashed potatoes, and braised asparagus. Oh, how I hate menu-speak! When they make everything sound maarte. Hehe, reminds me of someone I thoroughly dislike!!! Anyway. :-) The seabass was epic!!! Perfectly cooked and melt-in your mouth.

I was so full! So we proceeded to Muji (everyone knows you can't get a massage on a full belly) before we went to The Spa. I didn't know picture-taking was forbidden (HONEST!) so I managed to take pictures before the guard informed me, very nicely, about the picture-taking policy.

I've never really been a Muji fan, but I get why some people are addicted to it! Kudos to the Muji people for their BRILLIANT marketing.

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