Friday, November 19, 2010

Cyma & Golden Spoon, Shangrila Plaza

A month after stepping onto Australian soil, I had a craving. A craving for Cyma's Greek Food. I have to admit that I'm quite biased- Cyma is one of my favorite restaurants here in the Philippines. They serve really fresh and flavorful food that is really notable.

The Greek Food scene in Australia just isn't happening. I mean there are some here and there but not even one that's really striking. I've heard of Medusa in the city a couple of times, but the thing is, the feedback just doesn't reel me in.

After 2 hours in the gym, I just had to pig out one way or another. But, in all fairness, I still kept my so-called diet, sorta. I usually order a salad or the lamb with orzo. Trying my very best to stick to my diet, I had to have either pork, chicken, or fish with a ton of carb. Since Daryl told me the pork chops are worth trying, I actually went for it.

I love the crusty cheese top
For starters, my friend and I had a Spinach and Artichoke Dip served with baguette and wholemeal pita. I'd say the artichokes were canned ones, it's close to impossible to actually get your hands on fresh and vibrant ones here. It wasn't that good but it was a good effort to make a dish such as this. But there just wasn't anything really flashy or special about it. I'd go for the hummus and baba ghanoush hands down.

Admittedly, I would have this any time of the day
The pork chops that I had were around three quarters of an inch thick. Upon ordering, I was quite on the fence about it since it could be potentially dry and bland. But then once my dish was served, I was in awe, I made the right choice. The chops were grilled to perfection, wonderfully tender and succulent. The side of backed potatoes had that slight give once you initially bite into it which made it remarkable.

Angel hair loaded with cheese
My friend opted for the Solomo's Angel Hair which was obviously a pasta dish. It had a red sauce base and flaked salmon. I'd say I wasn't such a big fan cause it turned out really heavy and the flavors of salmon just didn't shine at all.

Belgian Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

Simply tart with toasted muesli
Afterwards, we had dessert at Golden Spoon. The only good thing about Golden Spoon would probably be the fact that most of the frozen yogurts that they serve are non-fat. I had the belgian chocolate alongside the raspberry cheesecake. My friend opted for simply tart with toasted muesli. The yogurt wasn't great, we probably went there just because we just had to have some frozen yogurt and White Hat was closed already. The yogurt was far too sweet and it melted rather fast.

The food that night wasn't that great, but there was definitely some spanking company which made it all worthwhile.

Unit 638, Level 6
Shangrila Plaza
Mandaluyong City

Golden Spoon

Unit 104, Level 1
Shangrila Plaza
Mandaluyong City

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