Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Good and the Bad (but both TASTY)

I am in love with Fage Total (or is it Total Fage? I don't know) yogurt. It's thickthickTHICK and creamy! So much better than the Nestle I used to shove down (and a gazillion times better than Elle&Vire, which, after having eaten 100 packs of, I discovered was NOT yogurt at all. Read the fine print! UGH) and very much reminiscent of the yogurt parfaits available at Pret-A-Manger Hong Kong!

Beautiful orange blossom honey
It's real Greek yogurt. Remember those recipes where they suggest using yogurt in lieu of sour cream? They were pertaining to THIS kind of heavenly yogurt-- the Greek kind! One day I will go to Greece and eat roka salata and yogurt all the time, and happily lose 200 pounds!

Anyway, I put lots of different stuff in my yogurt; fresh berries, honey, bananas, muesli, flax seeds, raisins, et cetera! The other day I had it with fresh blueberries and bananas and orange blossom honey!

Just look at that. So rich and thick and PERFECT
I'm such a fried food person, and among all my favorite fried things (pork, chicken, fish, donuts....) I especially love EMPANADAS from Merced! The skin is soooooooo sinfully tasty and buttery and oily (in the best way you can imagine, I promise). Layers and layers of (filo pastry?) empanada skin (what a term!) wrapped around the tasty, tasty, tasty filling!

This particular empanada had chicken, carrots, potatoes, and raisins in it. So tasty! It's like a savory churros! :D I could only imagine just how fattening it was (sugar+fat+salt multiplied by a million) but it was just so good! I gobbled two up in one sitting! YUM! 

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