Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hurricane's Grill, Darling Harbour

possibly the best place in town for ribs?
the epic view
If you're planning to head to Hurricane's you might as well make a reservation say 2 weeks in advance? That's if you don't intend to line up around 4pm! Cause the queue is not a joking matter! This place is jam packed! I've NEVER seen it EMPTY. I guess it's that FANTASTIC.

I always order the same thing cause they say that's what Hurricane's is all about- the gorgeous RIBS. Mouthwatering succulent porky ribs that are just dripping with the special sauce. Oh baby.

see how yellow and buttery it is?
For starters, we had garlic bread which isn't really anything out of the ordinary. But what striking about it is  the amount of butter that is present. I could gain 2kilos just looking at it. Crunchy thin exterior followed by a velvety interior smothered with butter and chives.

i wish i could cook ribs like this
Onto the ribs, my friend and I ordered a whole slab then halved it. You could get 2 half slabs but obviously sharing a whole slab would be cheaper! I couldn't exactly put my finger on the way it tastes. It's like an explosion in your gob. It's not precisely Jamaican spiced, or Texan either, but sure is a tasty barbecue. It's hands down finger-licking good. And yes, you MUST use your hands while devouring the ribs! Such a shame if you don't! The messy eating process is definitely one of the reasons why it's fun! Make sure you snag each and every single bit of meat of the bone! 

Au revoir and till next time dearest ribs!
I've been to Hurricane's endless times, but I never fail to enjoy and get down and messy with my ribs.

Hurricane's Grill & Bar
Shops 433-436 
Level 2 
Harbourside Shopping Centre
Darling Harbour, Sydney

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