Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beef Tripe, Japanese Seaweed, and Xiao Long Bao

So, these were the things my cousin and I had for midnight snacks. There weren't any chips, chocolate, or meat pie in check so we rushed to the freezer to hopefully come up with something dazzling. Well, not exactly come up cause we just reheated everything! Must I tell you, I think this is the most indulgent midnight snacking session I've had for quite some time!

fail xiao long bao
We steamed the tripe and xiao long bao in the double deck steamer and microwaved the Japanese seaweed for like a minute in the microwave cause it's meant to be cold. It felt like forever waiting for everything to heat up properly. 

tender squishy tripe
The tripe had the most amazing sauce which I must learn how to cook someday! It was really tender and succulent. Three cheers to that! The xiao long bao on the other hand wasn't equally scrumptious. It could possibly be because the skins were slightly torn and a lot of the juices escaped. Sigh, that's one of the things that I really hate. There were up to scratch but uncomparable to the xiao long bao at Taste of Shanghai

the color is so captivating
The Japanese Seaweed was beyond stunning. Once you bite into it, there's that bite and crunch that makes it so fantastic. Seasoning wise, it had that sour and ever so slight spiciness going on. I've never had anything much like it before. At a price of 22/kg, it was quite the splurge but definitely worth it!

This midnight snacking session was more than satisfying. You could possibly win people's hearts with food like this. They may not look like the most appealing things, but trust me, the good flavor makes it sooooo SEXY.

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  1. I love Japanese seaweed too! A shame it comes in such little serves-I could eat so much more!


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