Friday, October 8, 2010

Slipping Away for a Bit: Friday Night Markets

3 more weeks and uni will come to a close. I'm handling too much drama right now. There's failed ideas and concepts, sleepless nights, and these sick days. I hate being sick, sickness for me usually comes in the form of cough and colds. Just that? Yeah. I can hardly breathe through my nose and my voice is husky. It's disgusting.

gotta love T2.
Despite these things, I managed to let time slip away a bit. A wee little bit. I just had to relax and focus. First thing after uni today, I went to T2 to replenish my tea supply. I'm such a sucker for a good cuppa tea. I spent a good 20 minutes in T2 trying to figure out which packs of tea to get. Trust me, averaging at $12-$15 for 100g, you'd want to be sure that you're getting the perfect ones. Since green tea is just something that I have to have, I sniffed my way through their selection of green tea before I decided on which to get. I chose Marrakech which is a middle-eastern blend of green tea and peppermint. As for the second one, I picked up Monk Pear, a delicate all day round tea- really fruity and floral.

i think street food reflects a country's culture and cuisine more than anything
by far, the most takoyaki griddles i've ever seen!

Headed down to Chinatown with fingers crossed to try this new Taiwanese dessert place that has been constantly raved about these days. The line was way too long that my friend and I decided to pass. There happened to be Friday Markets in Chinatown, so we planned to grab some food and head to Darling Harbour. There were so many Asian street food stalls to choose from, we took ages trying to come to an agreement what to get. We ended up getting BBQ Beef and an assortment of Takoyaki.

you're looking heartbreakingly smashing!
On the way to Darling Harbour, we passed by of the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. My friend happened to jump up and down! She saw Callum Hann from Masterchef. Callum is definitely one of my favorite masterchefs, he's brilliant, inventive, and determined! My heart leaped for joy! I absolutely love this guy! He knows what he wants and he is focused to achieve it. I looked like such a tourist yanking my camera out of my bag and constantly snapping pictures of him. Can you say paparazzi? I also caught glimpses of Matt Preston, Adam Liaw, Rove, and Stan Walker. This made my day, really.

see what i mean when i say it looks really really good?

The Takoyaki would probably be the best that I've ever had. It was really chewy and squishy. Not the usual invisible pieces of octopus, prawn, and crab. These were really eye-catching ones! You could see the tails and claws poking out. They were very generous with the Bonito fish flakes and the sauce which makes it CHECK PLUS, PLUS!:) Oh, I might've wanted a lil bit more veggies inside!:P

the letdown
However, the BBQ beef however was a downer. Maybe it's because I've just had my fair share of moreish ones? This was nothing compared to Bee Chiang Hiang. And it costs quite a bit as well.

Sydney Central Plaza
450 George Street
Sydney 2000

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