Monday, October 11, 2010

A Taste of L.A.

I'm anything but a pizza person, but when it comes to pizza from A Taste of L.A., my mouth's wide open! Had dinner there the other day with my mum and darling little sister! Such a treat after a stressful week.

First off, we had oysters Rockefeller. If you're anything in my life (friend, BFF, etc), you must know that I LOVE oysters. Oysters, softshell crab, sashimi, chocolate, and wagyu= enough to keep me happy forever. I thoroughly enjoyed their oysters! Very clean-tasting, fresh, and perfectly complemented by the bechamel sauce and cheese! Speaking of oysters-- if you're an oyster fan, you MUST try Sunday lunch buffet at Mario's (but more on that next time).
What is insanity? Aside from doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, it's... going to Taste of LA without ordering their pizza. This I can promise: you will not be disappointed. They serve the best pizza, rivaled only by Bellini's!

Their pizza has a wonderfully, WONDERFULLY thin crust. So thin that I tell myself it doesn't have any carbs!!! They have a lot of cool gourmet flavors; one even has lamb on it. My siblings love that lamb one! Sadly I don't eat lamb.. :(
Spinach, ham and cheese. DELISH!
The cheese is not to heavy and everything is just in harmony. Cue clouds in your imagination and Pachelbel's Canon in D. This is pizza heaven!

My sister and mom split a steak! :) They said it was good!

I ordered osso buco. I love osso buco from Cyma and also my own... This one rather disappointed me :| The meat was tender and juicy but the sauce was too heavy and bland and lacking in... tomatoes?

Then we had dessert! The chocolate was SOOO overrated-- the menu made it sound like something epic but it was definitely NOT! Quite pricey too, 200 something for a nothing-special, rather dry cake..

We also ordered bibingka! Now this was good! It had lots of duck eggs in it (which I also don't eat) but I'm guessing that's a good thing for diehard bibingka fans!

I would just like to say that I downright HATE this new blogger setup; it's making it really inconvenient to upload pictures! :(

Also (completely off-topic) I hope that WHAT'S MEANT TO BE WILL TRULY FIND IT'S WAY. Like, I hope that no matter what stupid things people do, even if they diverge really far from the path they're supposed to take, there's this bigger, better, indefatigable plan that will WIN in the end! That you'll be with the person you're meant to be with, even if you held on to the wrong person too long or if you hurt the right one too much. That's all! Hahaha! I just hope we all end up with the one we're SUPPOSED to end up with!

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