Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Grounds of Alexandria, Alexandria

This place has been getting a lot of attention lately. I'm not 100% sure, but, I think they do roast their own beans in store. Well, this was the stop right after my friends and I hammered the 2 hour marketing exam. 4 essays, 2 hours, NOT enough time. My brain fully melted after. 

They've got this charming yard outside. But then, everybody is cooped up and dining indoors.

This table of pastries would greet you once you step into the cafe.

If you ask me, there's something very American about the place.

This is the coffee counter. Aside from your typical coffee machine. There were siphons, aeropresses, and a clover machine. Boy, the coffee here means serious business.

Personalised cups! Love the shade of green.

This was my double macchiato. It was okay, it didn't exceed my expectations. I thought it was gonna be great cause everyone has been raving about this place.

 Rory's burger and chips. I think I snatched one of them chippies. That was good. The burger was nothing too special apparently.

Adara had this salad with goat cheese, beetroot, chickpeas, and mandarins. It came with a well-toasted piece of sourdough bread. She wasn't too happy with it either. And the portion was way too small for the price. 

And finally, my lamb and pepper sandwich. It had pesto on it. Lamb and pesto, why did I say yes? CLUELESS! The sourdough bread was good, but then not toasted? How could you have a sandwich with sourdough bread and not have it toasted? A bit stupid if you ask me. 

We didn't stay there for desserts. There wasn't anything too tempting. The meal wasn't too great so we didn't expect anything great for the pastries either. So, if it wasn't predictable enough, we shot for Bourke Street Bakery which is the absolute best one I've ever been to in Sydney.

On the plates, Adara's pear danish which she loves to death and my prune tart. Both were commendable but the prune tart had nothing on my favorite creme brulee tart.

Grounds of Alexandria

Building 7A, 2 Huntley St,
Alexandria, NSW

Bourke Street Bakery

633 Bourke St, 
Surry Hills,

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