Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunday Pigday

So I'm back on another one of my diets. This time, I'm STICKING TO IT! I was supposed to be perpetually on a low-carb diet, but my definition of low-carb had become pathetically skewed: chocolate, being rich in antioxidants, is not a carb. Any bread, upon displaying characteristics of crusty chewiness, also loses any carbohydrate content. Milk, since it has lots of calcium, also has zero carbohydrates. Do you see where this was headed?

I gorged on meat, cheese, and fried pork skins, since they had zero carbs. And chocolate, bread, and milk as well! It was a solution for failure and fatness and now I can't fit into my jeans. Last Friday, I sat my self down and had A Serious Talk. If I didn't lose weight and lose it soon, I would have to subscribe to a 875 Php/day South Beach Diet plan and eat tuna loaf out of a plastic container. SAD!

And it worked! I've pretty much stuck to my diet and am on the road to recovery! Except for last Sunday, when I cheated just a little bit....(sounds familiar and dangerous?)

Mixed tempura

We had lunch in our all-time favorite family restaurant, Saika, in Little Tokyo. 

My order

I had my FAVORITE weekly indulgence, the saikoro steak box (780 Php + VAT). My siblings also ordered the same thing! It comes with tori karaage (fried chicken), asparagus wrapped in bacon, grilled mackerel, amazing steak cubes, mixed tempura, mixed sashimi, rice, miso soup, fruit, coffee and tea. This is probably my favorite thing to eat, ever. The feeling of a whole BOX of food for you to eat = piggy joy.

The carnage

Iced coffee

I'm really not a coffee person since I believe coffee stains one's teeth. But Chloe and my sister are so NUTS about coffee that I find myself liking it more and more!!! (What's worse is I've become a HUGE tea junkie will show you my tea collection soon hahaha. I need a teeth routine that keeps stains at bay!!!) I had Saika's iced coffee at the end of my meal and it was so darn good. Gosh, I love the Japanese and everything they come up with.

Fruit parfait

After lunch, we went to High Street to pick up some things (I ended up getting clothes I had no intention of buying, huhu, self control where are you) and I committed my MAJOR sin: eating Jamba Juice's yogurt + fruit parfait (150 Php). My sister recommended this to me long ago and it has been my ultimate favorite yogurty thing since. It's strawberries, bananas and peanut butter blended with the unhealthiest "yogurt" (frozen, looking very sweet and artificially colored in their tubs) and topped with muesli and bananas. I love pseudo healthy desserts, and this parfait is the perfect poster girl! :( Checked the nutrition information and found out it has 88 grams of carbs in it :(

Oh Nolita

And here is a photo of the pizza slice my brother bought from Nolita, chicken something (250 Php). It tasted soooooooooooo good (and I am not even a pizza person) and I can't wait for this diet to end so I can go gorge on it with beer and my fruit parfait.


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