Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Healthy (But Faaaaaar Too Oversized!) Brekkie

A breakfast I had sometime in May 2012 (yes, my extremely long backlog really is extremely long). At that time, I was really conscientious about my food and trying to eat clean BUT it was during this time that I started packing on the pounds because food became a bit of an obsessive problem for me, and I was too lazy to exercise (it's true what they say - inactivity breeds inactivity. And there is no inactivity quite like unemployment inactivity).

I had 1 soft-boiled egg with salt, pepper and Tabasco (now I kinda see that for most skinny people, this alone is breakfast enough)

A bowl of steel cut blueberry oatmeal

And strawberry "ice cream" (the quotation marks because they were made entirely out of strawberries - will post about how to make this soon) with chocolate "brownies" (made only out of cocoa powder, almonds, and dates! See the recipe here).

I'm going to go read She's Come Undone now! Byeee. 

All my love

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