Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jordan: Mosaic 101

Looking at these pictures sure make me wish I had been interested in art and home decor earlier (at this point in my life, when I was in Jordan, I didn't give a hoot about either)! I'm glad, though, that there are photos to look back on and relive the moments through....

What I ate before going to look at how mosaics are crafted...

And what I saw before I went to learn how said mosaics are made -- really cute Jordanian kids!

And something else I ate -- Middle Eastern chocolate! Purchased from Israel and carried on into Jordan.

And here we are at the mosaic making. It was really interesting to see how intricate and insanely detailed the mosaics were. How talented the artists were!

Finished mosaics look like oil paintings from afar

Tiles are chopped into small bits

To make beautiful figures such as this.

I hope he gets paid a decent wage. I'd be so sad if he were getting by on just minimum! :(

Beside the mosaic factory was their store which sold, aside from mosaics, other interesting items, such as this ostrich egg

And these other ostrich egg, all of which they painted beautifully detailed pictures on

Gorgeous canes

Beautiful tapestries and insanely gorgeous chairs, tables, and mirror. I think I loved them when I saw them, but now that I love interior decoration, I am totally swooning and kicking myself for not bringing home at least one thing. WHY!!! (Oh, regrets ALWAYS come later...)

Check out these gorgeous, gorgeous pieces...

Beautiful mosaics for sale

And the beautiful view back to the hotel. Jordan, I can't wait to return and I promise next time I will really pick up more than a few things!


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