Friday, April 26, 2013

Yabu, House of Katsu

I'm sure y'all have heard of (and tried) Yabu by now, but here is my review anyway! :) 

My sister and I mega mega mega love Yabu. It's always our post-F21 (yes, shame of shame, I REALLY LOOOOVE F21!!!) pigout place!

Condiment tray. Love the piggy-looking piece!

Toasted sesame seeds which you're supposed to mash up and mix with the sauce provided. Sesame seeds are supposed to be terrible for Blood Type Bs but I love them anyway.

This is the Kurubota pork katsudon.
It's significantly pricier than their regular Katsudon but totally worth it. When in Yabu, order the Kurubota! I love the unli-cabbage (my sister, who is on a perpetual low-carb diet, can eat mountains of it), especially when it's drowned in sesame sauce!

Fried salmon tempura
This is an additional order, it does not come with the set.

Delish! But too pricey for me (almost 300 for 2 pieces?!). It's more worth it to just content oneself with the Kurobata.

Hope you are all happy and well! Happy weekend.


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