Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tsim Chai Kee, Hong Kong

On my last day in Hong Kong last January, I didn't really have lots of time before I had to board my flight back home. I was just wandering around central, waiting for the shops to open so I could do a bit of last minute shopping. So, there I was in the backstreets of Hong Kong. I passed by a lot of markets and restaurants. I was actually trying to find a particular Yum Cha place, but things didn't go as planned. 

I stumbled upon a small noodle shop that had a lot of articles posted right by the front door. Newspaper articles, magazine features, and food guide ones as well. I decided to go in and give it a go. As I passed by the diners, they all seemed to have some sort of meatballs in their soup. I had a quick look at the menu, and decided that I wanted a bowl of fish ball noodle soup too. 

These fish balls were huge and rustic. They had a nice bite to them. They had spring onions and some other things inside, they were good! The noodles were not far off as well. I enjoyed them both so much. It probably has to be the best bowl of noodle soup on that particular visit to Hong Kong. 

To more bowls of noodle soup,

Tsim Chai Kee
Jade Center,
98 Wellington Street,
Central, Hong Kong

2850 6871

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