Saturday, April 13, 2013

Belgian Bier = Good Times

That is what's left of my bucket of mussels, chips, and beer. By that point in time, I was really happy. I must admit, the Belgian Bier cafe is one of my favourite places to have a good dinner with friends. Mind you, we always end up going on Wednesdays because they slash the price of the bucket of mussels in half. There's also a huge selection of food to choose from so.. it really does end up making everyone happy. 

I've loved cider since I've had my first schooner. They're always a bit sweet, then slightly sour. It's not so much bitter, some of my friends actually disagree that it's a "real" drink. But what the hell, it's delicious so I'll have it. 

Each bucket of mussels comes with it's own serving of chips. I always end up getting the blue cheese mussels. They're really good if you obviously duh do like your blue cheese. There are also bits of onion, celery, and spinach in there. The chips at the Belgian Bier are always cooked very well. It's served with some mayonnaise which I just NEVER touch. 

Look at us. I told you the Belgian Bier cafe makes everyone very happy. 

Cheers to more buckets of mussels!

Belgian Bier Cafe
135 Harrington St  
The Rocks NSW 2000

(02) 9241 1775

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