Monday, August 23, 2010

A Taste Of Shanghai

So this evening, my family and I had dinner at A Taste Of Shanghai in Eastwood. I usually despise chinese food because it just constantly serves as a reminder of Gloria Maris Chinese birthday celebrations. It's never fantastic because my relatives constantly scoop mounds of food on my plate, I never like any single bit of it and yet they constantly insist that I clean my plate. :(

But in this case, I like the food at this place, it's authentic and above all things, awesome.

Pork Dumplings/ Xiao Long Bao
I reckon the pork taste is too intense to the point of revolting, I was thinking probably the meat wasn't fresh enough. The dimsum wrapper is nicely made, it's hand-crafted- how skilled those people are. The juice in the little parcel is savoury and perfect.

Pork Dumpling Buns
These are buns of happiness. It's one of those things that I randomly crave for. It's too good to pass up when you visit this place! The juice within is abundant, you can literally stick a small straw inside and sip all the goodness. The buns are thick and chewy, I'll die of contentment. I burnt my lip and tongue because I was too excited to eat it all up.

Sweet and Sour Fish
I know the fish looks absolutely immaculate. And to even make it even better, there are prawns, peas, and pine nuts too! The sauce was vibrant and inviting, I guess. But for some reason, this dish just didn't work for me.

Honeyed Prawns
Ooey gooey prawns. Is there anything not to like? ABSOLUTELY NOT. These crunchy sticky morsels just kept me heading back for more.

Sweet and Sour Soup
Yet another sour item for dinner. The soup has a rich brown color. It has a bountiful mix of mushrooms, tofu, and bamboo shoot. The balance of sweet and sour elements in this soup are nonetheless, stunning. Adding a bit of black vinegar just enhances the flavors even more!

Szechuan Chicken
Once this dish arrives on the table, the combined aroma of chilli and pepper fill the air. It may be quite intimidating with the scorched chilli but it's wonderful. I absolutely felt the tingling sensation that the Szechuan Peppercorn gave once I ate quite a bit, my gums became a bit numb, but it was just so fragrant and flavorful that I had to have more. On top of that, the chicken was cooked perfectly, it was moist. After this dish, the heat of the chilli and peppercorns just played around in my mouth, it was hot, but positively worth every bit.

A Taste of Shanghai
200 Rowe St
Eastwood 2122 NSW

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